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The 1000km Bibbulmun Track is a world-famous hiking route between Kalamunda and Albany, providing a great resource for those that love spending time in the outdoors.

While the whole track usually takes between 30 and 60 days for those that tackle it in one go, it’s really easy to break it up into a series of day hikes. Luckily the first section is really accessible and also a lovely start to proceedings.

What is it?

The Bibbulmun Track is a walking trail the winds through the forests, towns and coastline of South West of WA. With campsites every 10-25km complete with a three-sided shelter, toilet and water tank (or two), you are perfectly setup to enjoy your time in nature without having to worry about filtering water or setting up a tent in the rain (unless you like that kind of thing).

Where is it?

The Northern Terminus is located in the heart of Kalamunda with a newly renovated trail head that incorporates interpretive sculptures, information on the Nyoongar seasonal calendar and a real showcase for the track. If you’re in the centre of Kalamunda near the Perth Hills Visitor Centre then head south on Railway Road and you’ll find it on the corner of Mead Street near the roundabout.

What to do:

From the Northern Terminus, there is a great day hike you can take to the Camel Farm (and return if you want to really stretch your legs). At 9km, you get a great introduction to the track, tackling the hills of Kalamunda National Park, a wildflower lined Piesse Brook (winter through spring) and a side trip to Rocky Pool. The trail is really easy to follow with the famous yellow and black Bibbulmun Waugyl there to guide you along your way. Look for these markers on trees or posts every hundred metres or so and you you’ll know you’re on the right track.

Despite being so close to the suburb of Kalamunda, you really feel like you’ve left civilisation behind not long into the hike. The relaxing feeling of walking through the Jarrah forest and the satisfaction of getting those endorphins flowing after a nice workout is enough to make this a must do for all Perthians. Take a few friends with you, organise a car at either end and this will be a great half day adventure. Finish with a well-deserved meal in Kalamunda or Mundaring and life doesn’t get much better than that.

What not to do:

While dogs are allowed in the area that passes through Jorgensen Park, they are not allowed in Kalamunda National Park for a variety of reasons so best to leave them at home. Dieback is also an issue that needs to be considered so if you’re planning a lot of hikes then carry a spray bottle in your car of methylated spirits diluted in water (a 60/40 split is good) and spray your shoes before and after your hike.

Anything else?

If you’re looking to take up long distance hiking as a serious hobby or even just want to get out for a few days at a time then consider becoming a member of the Bibbulmun Track Foundation. They offer support for members including advice, workshops and gear hire so if you don’t know where to start, they will be able to help out. The track can be divided up into 3-7 day sections that makes it very easy to tackle if you work full time or don’t want to take a couple of months out of your life to do it all at once.

About the author:
Mark (The Life of Py) is a Perth based outdoor enthusiast that loves exploring the trails of Western Australia in his free time. When he isn’t out taking photos he is busy planning the next adventure. See more of his content HERE.

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