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Dog friendly hikes in Perth are few and far between but there is a spot up in the hills of Kalamunda that has been a favourite for locals and visitors alike.

Indeed Jorgensen Park has all the ingredients for a fantastic time with your four-legged friend, and it’s one of Perth’s best dog-friendly walking spots.

What is it?

Once an old golf course near the centre of Kalamunda, Jorgensen Park has since been converted into a public recreation area with the old fairways now forming wide green paths for you to stroll along. Founded in 1928 and hosting local golfing enthusiasts until 1972, the club was moved to a more suitable location at the foot of the hills where water was easier to come by.

The land was marked for housing but public outcry meant it was set aside as a recreational area that has since been rehabilitated with native species. Now it one of the few spots in the Perth Hills where you can take a walk in nature with your dog and is quite popular in the morning, afternoon and on weekends.

Where is it?

Located just outside of the centre of Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, from Roe Highway take Welshpool Road East and head up the hill until you reach the left turn for Canning Road. Follow this to the centre of Kalamunda, taking a right turn at Mead Street and follow this through to the roundabout and down the hill until you see the turnoff for Jorgensen Park on your left. There is plenty of parking along with an overflow car park during the busier times.

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What to do:

Load up the car with the kids, dogs or friends and head out to walk the 2.3km loop that does a little circuit around the park. Starting and finishing at the old clubhouse, the walk is not very difficult as you meander along the various fairways that used to house frustrated golfers (what is it they say about golf ruining a perfectly good walk?). A rarity in Perth, there are some longer sections of the fairways where you are allowed to have your dog off-lead and it’s not unusual to see dozens of dogs having the time of their life as they run around with each other in the open parts.

With the Bibbulmun Track routed through Jorgensen Park you might find some heavily loaded hikers trapsing through the single-track section as you skirt the edge of the hill that leads down into Kalamunda National Park (sorry, no dogs allowed there). Walking through the Jarrah and Marri forest, this place is lovely on a misty morning or during spring when the wildflowers are in bloom. Heading back to the clubhouse via some more of the now gravel fairways, there are plenty of quiet spaces you can setup a picnic under the trees if you’ve planned ahead.

What not to do:

While most walking tracks in Perth are located within National Parks and State Forest that don’t allow dogs, Jorgensen Park is an exception. Remember to be a good dog owner by keeping your four-legged friend on a lead where directed and always pick up after it. It’s a popular spot so chances are you’re going to run into other trail users and everyone deserves to walk along a clean and safe trail.

Anything else?

The area around Kalamunda is a fantastic place in the Perth Hills with plenty to see and do. If you’re after more dog friendly walks in the area check out Lesmurdie Falls, Whistlepipe Gully or the Lewis Road Walk. If you’re exploring without your four-legged friend then there are plenty of wineries, cafes, cideries, galleries and other great walks or rides within a stone’s throw of Kalamunda. The drive down to Mundaring Weir to check out the history of the dam and the pipeline out to the Eastern Goldfields is well worth the journey.

About the author:
Mark (The Life of Py) is a Perth based outdoor enthusiast that loves exploring the trails of Western Australia in his free time. When he isn’t out taking photos he is busy planning the next adventure. See more of his content here