The Best Doggo-Friendly Hikes And Walks Around Perth

byTroy Mutton
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Not only is Perth OK for people, it’s also very OK for pooches! We’ve got great beaches and cafés, along with a host of other pup-friendly activities. And while there are a heap of great walking and hiking opportunities around Perth, a number of them are dog-free zones.

Fear not however! We’ve had a snoop around to find some of the best trails for you and your furry friend to walk, hike or run along to your hearts’ content. Check ‘em out below:

Bells Rapids

One of the more popular walking spots just outside of Perth, Bells Rapids is very dog-friendly, with some off lead areas as well. This time of year just after winter rains also means there should be plenty of splashing potential if your dog doesn’t mind a dip!

Photo by @honeybun.corgi

Bold Park

Bold Park is a huge area of inner city bushland that features over 15km worth of walking trails and a variety of different lookouts with views of the city and coast. Featuring an abundance of wildlife and native plants, you and poochy will have plenty to occupy over the time, just make sure he/she stays on their leash!

Photo by @courtneyjade15

Whistlepipe Gully Walk

Whistlepipe Gully is another gem in the treasure-filled hills of Kalamunda. It’s a pretty cruisy 3.5km walk, following a narrow river with small waterfalls and cascades to play in. Park at the end of Lewis Rd in Forrestfield, and as long as you’re confident, leave the leash in the car.

Photo by @camembert_the_aussie

Jorgensen Park Walk

Another Kalamunda beauty, Jorgensen Park Walk is a just-under 3km loop off Crescent Road. It’s nice and open, which makes sense as it used to be the old Kalamunda golf course, and touches on the Bibbulmun Track. Popular with locals for an easy, everyday trot.

Photo by @ragnarandloki

Ellis Brook Valley

Ellis Brook Valley is a great little area at the base of the hills to get lost in. There’s a variety of different trails to tackle, along with the impressive Sixty Foot Falls (after rains). There’s plenty of signage and it gets pretty busy, so make sure you take the leash and some exploring enthusiasm.

Photo by @2_aussie_nutters

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Noble Falls

Noble Falls are a nice little 30-minute drive from Perth in Gidgegannup, and just begging for a picnic day. There’s a 3.5km walking trail, wildflowers galore and waterfalls if there’s been enough rain. Free barbecues await by the falls for a recharging lunch fry up.

Photo by @skipper_dundee

Lane Poole Reserve

If you’re wanting to make a full day of it, Lane Poole Reserve in Dwellingup is the place to go. There’s plenty of activity options on both land and (Murray) river, plus you can camp with your pooch if you’re keen to stay the night. A popular walk is the 9km Jarrah Track, which will surely tucker you both out.

Photo by @stephanielopaten

Kwinana Loop Trail + Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail

The Kwinana Loop Trial is a 21km circuit around the city, offering some fantastic views, lush natural bushland and bike trails. Down the road in Beeliar is the paperbark-lined Spectacles wetlands, a 6km trail providing plenty of indigenous history as you go.

Photo by @stilrocky

West Coast Highway

If you want to smell the salt in the air while you walk, the West Coast Hwy path is always a winner. The northern section gets pretty busy during summer, so make sure you keep left. Or better yet, veer off into the beach for a quick dip at Bennion or one of the other dog-friendly spots along the way.

Photo by @ketivrteski

Jarrahdale Railway Heritage Trail

This one’s just over an hour out of Perth, but well worth the drive. The 8km trail runs through beautiful Jarrah and Wandoo bushland, packed with great views, bubbling creeks and more. Plus you can relive your 80s childhood by recreating Stand By Me and following the old rail tracks.

Photo by @finiansvoyage

Canning Contour Channel

Built in the 1930s, the Contour Channel was built to transport water from the Canning Dam to the Perth metro area, and is now a picturesque 3.5km dog-friendly trail with views of the city. For a slightly longer walk, check out the Wungong Gorge Trail – a 5.5km walk that traverses a number of historical and ecological landmarks, including the Wungong Recreation Lake. Discover more HERE.

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Cover photo of Bells Rapids by West Australian Explorer