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The southern regions of Western Australia are as vast as they are beautiful, and as we Perthites get keener to explore these regions, it can be harder to find a little slice to yourself. Bremer Bay is still one such place, bordered to the south by the Southern Ocean and a gateway to the magnificent Fitzgerald River National Park, it’s the perfect place for avid explorers looking for a little something off the beaten track.

What Is It:
Bremer Bay is a small fishing community (although their main industry is tourism these days) bounded by the Southern Ocean, home to incredible beaches and some stunning wildlife, including migrating southern right, humpback and killer whales. Inland it sits along the edge of the expansive Fitzgerald River National Park, one of the largest botanical hotspots in the world, containing over 1800 different species of plants.

Where Is It:
Just under 600km southeast of Perth and 180km east of Albany, it’s gonna take around 6hrs down Albany Hwy and the Great Southern Hwy if you’re looking to smash it out in one go from the city. You’re better off giving yourself some time to explore the southern regions of WA, and if you head to the south coast there’s plenty of places to stop in like Walpole, Denmark and Albany.

What To Do:
Pack a very strong sense of adventure! The possibilities in Bremer Bay are as endless as the white sandy beaches and bays you’ll discover around the area. Places like Blossoms Beach, Fishery Beach, John Cove and Little Boat Harbour are all worth checking out, where depending on the conditions you can spend the day snorkelling, swimming and surfing.

Being so remote and such a biodiversity hotspot, fishing is a must, either off the beach or by boat if you’re lucky enough to have one!

There are two peak whale watching seasons in Bremer Bay. From January to March you’ll see Orca and Pilot Whales chasing squid around the Bremer Canyon (a deep water ecosystem off the coast). It’s the largest congregation of Orca in the summer hemisphere, and your best chance to see these apex predators in the wild. Then from July to October the Southern Right Whales look to the sheltered waters around Bremer and Pt Anne in particular to give birth to calves. Whale watching is best done by boat charter – and it’s hard to go past the founders of Bremer Bay Killer Whale Expeditions, Naturaliste Charters.

If large marine predators ain’t your vibe, you can stay on solid ground and explore the Fitzgerald River National Park’s incredible array of unique flora and fauna, with an abundance of wildflowers and magnificent views all year round. There is an abundance of walking and driving trails to get amongst all around the region, and the Bremer Bay WEBSITE is a great start point.

The Bremer River is also devoid of any large marine predators, but a great spot for fishing, walking and bird watching.

There are a few different accommodation options in the area, starting at cheaper camping options at Point Ann and Hamersley Inlet.

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What Not To Do:
Bremer Bay can be a wild and wooly place, with an unpredictable coastline and volatile weather conditions, especially during the winter months. As such always be prepared with plenty of water when going for walks, plenty of fuel in the car going on drives, and mindful of the ocean, the waters can get pretty wild particularly in winter, and f you’re beach fishing, especially if it’s off rocky outcrops, always check the conditions ahead and be careful of tide surges and large swells (pack a life jacket to be safe).

Anything else?
Being as remote as Bremer Bay is, be prepared for limited mobile reception in some areas. So by all means embrace the peace and quiet that comes with no one hassling you on the phone, but be prepared to not just whip up Google Maps if you take a wrong turn.

If you’ve got history on the mind along with nature, Bremer Bay has a rich heritage and the Wellstead Museum is a must-stop for learning about the township, which was originally settled way back in the 1850s.

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Cover photo by Bremer Bay Salt & Sand