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You know how you keep seeing photos of people playing with kangaroos on white sandy beaches and think goddamn I would love to see that? Well you can, you just have to head south to Esperance and Lucky Bay.

One of Australia, if not the world’s, most iconic beaches, Lucky Bay is the centrepiece among many of Esperance’s stunning white sandy beaches. In recent years the town of Esperance has put some serious effort into upgrading the beach’s facilities to accommodate new arrivals, and we’re all the better for it.

What Is It:
Lucky Bay is an incredible, 5km stretch of long, white sandy beach just near Esperance, a part of the Cape Le Grande National Park. Brilliant blue and turquoise waters drift into the protected bay, one frequently inhabited by kangaroos looking to cool off.

Where Is It:
This little slice of heaven is located a 45-minute drive southeast of Esperance. Follow Merivale Rd out of the township before hitting Cape Le Grand Rd, driving through the national park before hanging a left onto the conveniently named Lucky Bay Rd.

If you’re in a 4WD you’re able to drive on the beach too, just be mindful it can get tricky in some sections – check with the ranger about conditions and be mindful of others on foot.

What To Do:
The possibilities are endless, with the turquoise waters offering fantastic swimming, snorkelling, fishing and surfing if there’s a bit of swell around.

Park up for the day and enjoy all the bay has to offer, including some great walking trails in the shrubbery that runs up to the beach, with plenty of views of the glorious Recherche Archipelago Nature Reserve.

Lucky Bay has a great little campground for you to pull up for a day or two (bookings essential), with picnic areas, solar-heated showers and toilets.
What Not To Do:
If you are rolling in a 4WD, don’t be a hero and take it easy. As you can guess things can get pretty busy down there, so be mindful of sometimes-tricky conditions, people on foot and of course the wildlife that abounds the area.

Don’t forget to pay entry fee to the national park as you come in as well ($15 for cars), it’s a small one but helps to keep this area as pristine as possible.

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As always, leave no trace! Pack up your rubbish and don’t leave anything on the beach besides your footprints.

Be a dick to the kangaroos – they’re just trying to have a nice relaxing time on the sand as much as you are, and probably don’t want to be pestered for 55 selfies while they do so.

Anything else?
Lucky Bay is obviously the jewel in the Cape Le Grand crown, but don’t be afraid to explore the surrounding beaches (being mindful of the natural environment of course). Who knows you might even find your own little slice of beach heaven along the way!

If you’re heading south during the cooler months (July to October), there’s a chance you’ll spot some migrating whales out in the deep blue, or if you’re really lucky wandering into the bay.