Perth has some pretty incredible places throughout the city and suburbs to dine at. We’re definitely not at a shortage of options, so here’s a great list of 10 cheap eats that you can enjoy next time you’re looking for a cheerful and delicious meal that won’t break the bank, courtesy of Kristy Kinzett AKA Queen Of Bad Timing (find her on Instagram or her Website).

CHU BAKERY‘s Avocado On Toast

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When it comes to delicious cheap eats, there’s no going past Highgate’s pride and joy: Chu Bakery. While it’s incredibly tempting to gorge yourself silly on their donuts, puffs or tarts, it’s the items on house made sourdough toast that really hit the spot and bring home the value. The ever-popular avocado with whipped feta, seeds, nuts and Sriracha is the hot pick, but there’s other great flavour combinations on offer too, such as the roasted tomato, basil, herbed feta and olive oil. Seriously good stuff, and with Hyde Park just across the road you have the ideal dining location to accompany your meal.

From $8

If you haven’t had a banh mi thit (or BMTs as those in the know usually call them), you’re definitely missing out. There are definitely more traditional versions of these Vietnamese rolls out and about, but Le Vietnam are bringing some fusion Asian flavours into this classic, and packing a punch with each bite. From the super crusty French-style bread rolls, to the pickled vegetables and then the different meat toppings you can select, it’s all good stuff. If it’s your first time, go for the original so you can see what the fuss is all about – once you start, it won’t be your last.

TRA VINH’s Beef Pho

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When it comes to a good, satisfying bowl of pho, Tra Vinh is undisputedly one of the best. Popular at all kinds of times throughout the day, it brings to the table a deeply-flavoured and complex broth, raw beef simmering away in the soup, noodles that still retain a good bite and of course all the wonderful additions to customise your meal; mint, lemon, bean shoots and chilli that packs a punch. If that’s not up your alley then go for some of the other dishes on the menu like the broken rice with pork chop or the stuffed chicken wings.

GET YA FIX‘s Bagels
From $8.00

This ain’t your average bike shop. Sure they sell some great rides on two wheels, and all the trimmings to go with, but they also dedicate 50% of their space to a café. And what they’re doing here in terms of jaffles and bagels is all kinds of delicious. With Perth turning up their obsession with bagels these days, it’s nice to know we have a place that offers a range of flavours to choose from like plain, everything, olive & rosemary or sesame, plus a range of toppings to go with too.


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House made fresh noodles are just one of the elements that goes into Nao’s signature and namesake dish. They’ve been around since 2003, and while there’s new ramen joints popping up all over the place, it continues to be a powerhouse thanks to their authentic and flavoursome offerings. There’s four different broth bases to choose from: shoyu, miso, shio and spicy, and from there you can customise to add extra toppings or even double down on noodles.

HOT STAR‘s Fried Chicken

Taiwan’s famous Shilin Night Market fried chicken has come to Perth and Northbridge in the form of Hot Star Chicken. It’s enormous in size, and comes seasoned in different options from original to hot, and somewhere in between if desired. The chicken is presented in a take away bag so you can walk and munch, and it’s steaming hot. It might feel a little sinful dining on so much fried chicken, but hey – some days you just need to treat yourself.

From $5

It’s hidden in a lane in the city, and Toastface Grillah is a mecca of toasted sandwich deliciousness. With around eight different jaffle offerings on the menu to choose from you can get your grilled cheese fix from the likes of the chilli cheese, the pear grillz, the danny zuccho and more. You can also check out Lil’ Toastface on William Street, just next to The Bird.

TAK CHEE‘s Hainanese Chicken Rice

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Penang style food is Tak Chee’s wheelhouse, with chicken rice being the shining star on the menu. Flavoursome poached boned chicken, heady rice, soup, and accompanying sauces make this popular dish what it is. It’s comforting, tasty and cheap as chips. Whether you’re a leg or breast kinda person, you can choose either here, and it’s guaranteed to hit the spot.

AUTHENTIC BITES‘ Spicy Dumplings
12pcs of dumpings from $11.00

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Dumplings aren’t always the cheapest meal out if you’re a big eater. They can be utterly addictive which means you can gorge your life away until all of a sudden you have a giant bill in front of you. But Authentic Bites’ spicy pork and prawn dumplings are all you need for pure and utter satisfaction. They pack a good chilli punch, and come with a sprinkling of peanuts and spring onion, and will leave your insides humming.

LITTLE LEBANON‘s Garlic Chicken

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Two words: garlic chicken. It’s obsession-worthy and oh so cost effective to order a whole charcoal butterflied chicken, with garlic toum and your choice of rice or chips. The brown rice comes complete with beef mince throughout, and a wonderful dose of spices. And that toum is just plain addictive – it will leave you with the most garlicky breath ever. All dishes here are incredibly generous in serving size, making it the ideal cheap eat because you can usually take it away and enjoy it for leftovers the next day.

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