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Alright so you’ve booked a trip to Black Diamond Lake down near Collie, but feel like making a weekend of it…

Of course, you can’t camp at Black Diamond, but did you know there’s an equally adorable little swimming hole just around the corner, where you can also camp? No, we’re not talking about Stockton Lake, we’re talking about its very romantic little neighbour, Honeymoon Pool. So grab that special someone, and read on below…

What is it?

Honeymoon Pool is a popular picnic, camping and swimming spot in the Wellington National Park. It’s one of a few in the area, including Black Diamond Lake and Stockton Lake. It’s a tranquil, shady little spot just off the beaten track, perfect for a day’s picnicking by the water, or night or two of chilled bush camping.

Where is it?

The Honeymoon Pool campground is situated on the banks of the Collie River about half-an-hour west of Collie and two hours south of Perth.

If you’re coming from Perth it’s straight down the Forrest Highway, before a left turn onto Raymon Road onto Coalfields Highway. From there head down Wellington Dam Road before veering off onto River Road and follow the signs!

What to do:

It’s just close enough for a day trip from Perth, but why not pack the tent and spend the night? It’s a small camp ground (20 spots), so bookings are essential, and the camp grounds are nice and sparse – a couple of gas barbies, picnic tables and toilets and that’s about it.

The tranquil waters at Honeymoon Pool are perfect to cool off in, or you can launch your canoe/kayak and do a bit of exploring under the shady peppermint trees that line the water’s edge.

In the bushland surrounding there are also some great walking and cycling trails, and if you’re a 4WDing fan, there’s a few trails in the surrounding areas you can hit up.

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What not to do:

Head down expecting to camp without booking first! It can get pretty popular, especially in the warmer months, so make sure you book ahead (It’s $15 per adult per night, although cheaper for concession card holders and kids).

There are fire pits on the camp grounds, but especially during summer make sure you check ahead with regards to fire bans. As we said, it can get pretty busy and it’s not the biggest swimming hole going around, so make sure you play nice and be mindful of letting everyone enjoy the serenity.

Anything else?

There’s plenty of beautiful inland lakes and walking trails in the area, so don’t be afraid to do a little exploring and see what you can find.

Check in with the rangers with regards to water quality in the area too, as it can get hazardous at different times of the year. Of course you can always just play it safe and keep your head above water.

Image Credit: Australia’s South West