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Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley
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Practically on our doorstep, one of the world’s most unique – and mysterious – attractions is tucked away a mere 30-odd minutes outside of Bunbury.

The origins of Gnomesville are shrouded in mystery, but its popularity just keeps growing, as does its population – here’s everything you need to know about Gnomesville in the Ferguson Valley.

Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley
Image Credit: Gnomesville

What is it?

An ever-expanding community of gnomes… Really! No one seems to be all that clear on Gnomesville’s origins, with some saying a gnome was placed there in protest of a new roundabout, others saying it was the random appearance of one gnome that started it all. In any case, as people have added to the collection one by one, the gnomes have since grown to a population of 10,000 – with classic garden gnomes, raunchy gnomes, commemorative gnomes and every type of gnome you can imagine, brought from every corner of the globe. Anyone can leave a gnome, bringing one from home or picking one up at the nearby Ferguson Valley Visitor Centre.

In 2018, the village underwent the practically apocalyptic Great Gnomesville Flood, with many of the gnomes being washed away in some tragic scenes. Since then, Gnomesville has undergone some cleaning, clearing and rearranging to keep it in good stead for the years to come.

Where is it?

You may stumble upon Gnomesville by chance as you travel through Wellington Mill – just over 30 minutes from Bunbury, and about two hours from Perth’s CBD, it’s pretty much smack bang on the Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road intersection. Originally located on the roundabout itself, the gnomes have been relocated across the road to a more official area – which has transformed into such a large metropolis that it now even has its own gnome suburbs.

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Gnomesville, Ferguson Valley
Image Credit: Gnomesville

What to do?

BYOG – that’s Bring Your Own Gnome, obvi. Bring along a lil’ gnomey friend to join the ranks of Gnomesville, but just make sure to leave them within the designated area, and don’t mess with any plants while you’re at it. Wander through the sprawling gnome-filled city, and enjoy the lush surrounds – including a charming stream and plenty of winding paths to follow.

The gnome city is also located on the doorstep of the Wellington National Park, where you can check out the Wellington Dam, the trails of the Wellington Discovery Forest, and favourite swimming hole Honeymoon Pool.

What not to do:

As with all visits to our natural spaces, adhere to the Leave No Trace Principles: meaning don’t leave any rubbish out there, don’t pick wildflowers and try your best to look after the surrounding area. Make sure you also adhere to any fire restrictions or bans that might be in place. You can, of course, leave your gnome!

Don’t interfere with any of the existing gnomes, place your gnome outside the designated areas, and don’t affix it to any trees or disrupt any plant life. And while people do enjoy leaving a naughty gnome out there – do remember that this is a kid-friendly spot, so try not to get too raunchy with it!

Header Image Credit: Shutterstock/Kathryn Willmott