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Perth's best sandwiches, Canteen Pizza porchetta
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We get it. Life’s hard enough, with all the stress and discord in the world… but what will always bring us together? Sandwiches, of course. We reckon these sandwiches are the best thing since sliced bread.


There was no greater cause for excitement in the Perth is OK offices in 2021 than the opening of Peggy’s – just about every time we went for a sneaky sandwich we’d end up bumping into each other. Whether you’re indulging in a cheeky sausage muffin, eggplant parmy or just a big serving of their amazing chips, you’re sure to be in for a treat – although we think the classic chicken schnitty, packed with crispy chicken, creamy, dilly mayo and refreshing shreds of lettuce, deserves an extra special mention.

Perth's best sandwiches, Peggy's, Fremantle

35 Market Street, Fremantle

The Re Store

She’s an icon, she’s a superstar, never the same, totally unique, never been done before: she’s the conti roll. If you’re talking about the iconic sandwich, you gotta go straight to the source – and that’s the Re Store, baby! If you’re a newbie, be prepared for a pretty hectic lunchtime rush – stay strong, it’s worth it. Need we say more? 

231 Oxford Street, Leederville
72 Lake Street, Northbridge

Sal’s Pasta Deli

There were a few weeks this year during which barely a moment passed without us thinking about Sal’s Pasta Deli. And while the Cottesloe deli is more famously beloved for their very excellent pasta (including wondrously delicious gluten free options), we became feverishly obsessed with their crispy, salty, incredibly moreish mortadella-filled pinsa panini, made with organic and biodynamic Mulino Marino flour from Piedmont. While we’ve tried hard to restrain ourselves, we’ll take any opportunity to stop in for one – particularly when freshly warmed, accompanied by a coffee as we watched the well-heeled Napoleon Street locals pass by. Consider it a miracle we paused long enough to even take a photo!

Perth's best sandwiches, Sal's Pasta Deli, Cottesloe, pinsa panini

44 Napoleon Street, Cottesloe

Angelo Street Market

Like many places on this list, Angelo Street Market (formerly Scutti) has long been a stalwart for Italian deli lovers of Perth. Established in 1988, their South Perth store just keeps going from strength to strength, undergoing a snazzy revamp a few years ago and taking their roll game to new heights. Not only is their conti an absolute contender, but their entire rotating selection of rolls is next-level bonkers good. If you really want to be the hero, order one of their mammoth, 1.2m-long “Contimental” Rolls… It just has to be seen to be believed!

2022 also saw the team’s expansion into a second location, with the epic Melville General Store serving up a similar selection of gourmet goodies and killer rolls.

Perth's best continental rolls, Angelo Street Market, South Perth

67 Angelo Street, South Perth

Deli’s Continental

Opening at the tail end of 2020, the impact of Deli’s Continental is just impossible to ignore. Initially emerging as a pop-up attached to Maylands pizzeria Rossonero, Perth took to Deli’s conti rolls with a fervour that was, frankly, alarming. Having since moved into their stylish Inglewood digs, their conti remains at the top of plenty of sandwich-lovers lists, but their take on a Philly cheese steak also deserves a special mention, overflowing with beef, roasted capsicum, onion, garlic, and, as they aptly put it: “a whole lot of provolone”. Honourable mention also goes to their meatball sub, which is also a mighty strong contender.

861 Beaufort Street, Inglewood


Mortadeli only opened at the end of 2023, but these Nedlands sandwich slingers quickly became the talk of the town… You can rest assured, though: the lunchtime rush may be a frenzy of frenetic focaccia-lovers, but it’s well worth facing. Their signature focaccia leans fluffy rather than chewy, and chances are you’ve seen it stuffed with piles of mortadella, oozing with La Delizia Latticini stracciatella and pistachio cream. If you can make it past the temptation of mortadella, though, you’ll be treated to some less ubiquitous options – like the bacala mantecato (filled with salted cod, potatoes, crispy onions and a briney mix of Sicilian olives, capers and anchoves), or the “animale”, filled with wild boar cacciatore, pickled mushrooms and artichoke cream.

23a Hampden Road, Nedlands

Oh So Deli

If you’re into sandwiches, boy oh boy, do we have the place for you. Being tucked away inside the Woodlands Shopping Centre; it doesn’t seem to have held Oh So Deli back – like, at all. It’s actually impossible for us to choose a front runner between their sandwiches, particularly when it comes to their made-to-order options. Chicken katsu, panko-crumbed eggplant with za’atar, a Reuben and a meatball sub are the big-ticket items, and each alone would be well worth a trip.

Perth's best sandwiches, Oh So Deli

Woodlands Shopping Centre, Shop 12/84 Rosewood Avenue, Woodlands

North Street Store

Back when we first rounded up our favourite sandwiches, we said that North Street Store might be one of Perth’s best worst kept secrets… It’s probably safe to say the cat’s well and truly out of the bag now. We were waxing lyrical, weeping tears of joy about their porchetta roll, which has become a if-you’re-lucky lunchtime special – but no matter, there’s always plenty on offer. Their daily lunchtime specials (chicken katsu, steak sanga, fish burgers, chicken schnitzel bap?!) are guaranteed to knock your socks off, but we also find it preeeeeeetty hard to pass up the bacon and egg roll (make sure to get the house-made barbecue sauce!). Plus, with an ever expanding empire that includes Little Loaf Lunch Bar (pictured below), Big Loaf Factory Bakery and Wards Central Dining, it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on their goodies.

Perth's best sandwiches, Little Loaf Lunch Bar, North Street Store, Fremantle

North Street Store: 16 North Street, Cottesloe

Canteen Pizza

We’re always ready to put some pork on our fork, but between some bread? We’re there in a flash. Canteen‘s lunchtime special panini is one of the greats: pork loin slow roasted with fennel, garlic and dried chillies, served with slaw and horseradish cream on, and this is the real kicker, a wood fired panini made from their 48 hour risen pizza dough. Absolute game changer. (Plus, their fresh new Applecross location has meant an expanded offering in the “between bread” category, including stracciatella, mortadella and pistachio breakfast panini. Phwoar.)

Perth's best sandwiches, Canteen Pizza porchetta

32 Ardross Street, Applecross


Satchmo is modern classic in the making with heaps of retro charm, and the same can be said for their now much beloved chook roll. While we’re a sucker for their classic reuben, muffuletta or multitude of weekend specials, their rooster roll has become the stuff of legends, packed with southern spiced pulled chicken and topped with a fluffy dollop of stuffing sauce.

Perth's best sandwiches, Satchmo, North Perth

2/410 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth

Le Vietnam

Le Vietnam’s menu offers traditional bánh mì, as well as an ever-changing, always enticing specials board. These special rolls may not be the most traditional, per se… But boy are they great. (Purists may wish to stick to the conventional, but we are no purists.) Barbecue beef rib bánh mì? Birria bánh mì?Vegan fried chicken bánh mì? Lobster and prawn bánh mì? Who are we to say what’s wrong, when it tastes so, so right?

1/80 Barrack Street, Perth

Bibra Lake Lunch Bar

It may seem like overkill to double up on the bánh mì, but we kept seeing these tantalising, enticing banh mi showing up on our stories, and had to investigate. The source? Bibra Lake Lunch Bar. As well as some A+ banh mi, these guys are grilling up a storm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, serving Vietnamese street food cooked over the coals – let your nose guide you.

1/40 Port Pirie Street, Bibra Lake

Mr Sandwich

Anyone working anywhere near the CBD will need no introduction to the magnetic, beguiling charm of Mr Sandwich. These sandwiches are the real deal, from perfectly crispy crusts on fluffy rolls to pillowy brioche and enticingly chewy bagels – and fillings that will hit the spot whether you feel like herby, marinated mushrooms and goats cheese, a decadent chicken club with bacon, or our personal favourite – a generously-filled, herbaceous chicken pesto panini. (Make sure to grab a silky coffee and deliciously crumbly dulce de leche bikkie for the road!)

996 Hay Street, Perth
68 St Georges Terrace, Perth


While we’re still recovering from the loss of Bayswater favourite tbsp., their little West Perth sibling Forklore is still going strong – and we’re not certain, but we suspect our almost frightening frequency of chicken katsu sando eating may have a little something to do with it. Crispy, juicy, succulent and just a little bit spicy, this mammoth sandwich is not only delicious… It’s known to vanquish the odd hangover, too. (Not that we’d know…)

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City West Centre, 102 Railway Street, West Perth

Al Trancio

Reading this list, you’d think we were fiends for anything porchetta… And quite frankly, you’d be correct. If you, too, are obsessed with anything pork and bread, Al Trancio has to be at the top of your list. Located on a fairly nondescript suburban Belmont shopping strip, who needs a luxe inner-city fit-out when you’re chomping into a panini stuffed with succulent, fatty piles of porchetta?

3/51 Belvidere Street, Belmont

Header image: Canteen Pizza