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Just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Albany but the feeling of being completely isolated on a deserted beach, Uredale Point offers up a unique experience for visitors along with some stunning scenery that Albany is famous for.

What Is It?
Uredale Point is the northern tip of the Vancouver Peninsula that separates Princess Royal Harbour from the wilds of King George Sound and the Southern Ocean. Featuring a smooth granite dome that provides some amazing views of Albany and the peaks that surround King George Sound, this is a really cool spot to stand and soak in all the beauty. Add in the two beaches that link the granite dome to the rest of the peninsula and you have one pretty stretch of land filled with amazing photo opportunities.

Where Is It?
While it is a short distance from Albany as the crow flies, getting there requires going the long way into Torndirrup National Park. From the centre of Albany, take Princess Royal Drive heading towards Denmark and then turn left onto Frenchman Bay Road. Follow this all the way past Little Grove until you reach the turn-off for Quaranup Road. Turn left here and follow it all the way to the car park at Whaler’s Cove located on your right. The dog friendly walking trail starts on the western side of the car park with a big wooden sign pointing you in the right direction.

What to Do?
To get the full Uredale Point experience you need to complete the full 5km walking trail that takes you out to the best spots. Initially following the edge of the water in the sheltered coastal woodlands, spot wildflowers and orchids in spring before reaching a granite platform where you can admire the beaches and granite dome in the distance. Head downhill and walk along the western beach, dodging seaweed while you stare across the harbour to the centre of Albany. At the end of Brambles Beach you head up the path and onto the granite dome that is the official Uredale Point.

There is a large cairn to mark the spot where colonials claimed the area but the real treat is exploring the granite and getting so many great vantage points. You can look across to King Point Lighthouse, see up to the Anzac Centre on Mount Adelaide and out towards the wilds of the Southern Ocean. Looping around the granite dome you then head down towards the eastern beach that is the best of the two. Pristine white sands, turquoise water and the feeling of being completely alone is what awaits you here. Enjoy this stretch before linking back with the trail that you started on and head back to the car park.

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What Not to Do:
Remember to be a good dog owner by keeping your four-legged friend on a lead and always pick up after it. Keep to the Leave No Trace principles to make sure this paradise remains in pristine condition.

Anything Else?
Torndirrup National Park is home to some great attractions including the famous Gap, Natural Bridge and the Blowholes. If you’re after more great hikes in the area then check out the Bald Head Walk Trail or Peak Head Walk Trail. After all that effort you can quench your thirst at Limeburners Distillery that is located on the way back to Albany on Frenchman Bay Road.


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