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Best Burgers in Perth is two dudes dedicating their lives in the pursuit of finding Perth’s perfect burger. The Best Burger Spots in Perth article they wrote for us was such a hit so we thought it was only fitting we asked them for a round 2, this time focusing in on Perth’s best fried chicken burgers….  

Although we typically eat beef burgers on our hunt for Perth’s best burger, sometimes we need to switch it up. Fried chicken burgers are always a good alternative and have been growing in popularity in recent times, becoming a staple in most good burger restaurants. We’ve hit up some of Perth’s top burger spots to try their chicken burgers and here are our top 5:

Meet & Bun – The Cluck Cluck Boom

The Cluck Cluck Boom is the not so secret off the menu burger from Meet & Bun. It is one of our favourite fried chicken burgers in Perth. The southern style fried chicken topped with cheese and bacon provides a prominent backbone. This is accompanied by house made chilli sauce, slaw, fresh tomatoes, red onion and jalapeños. The balance between fresh flavour and spice is what really makes this stand out from the rest.

Juicy Buns – The Chicky Babe Burger

Juicy Buns have provided us with one of the tastiest and unique fried chicken burgers available in Perth. The focal point of the Chicky Babe burger is once the chicken has been deep fried to perfection, it is immediately dipped into Juicy Buns sweet sticky sauce. The sauce covers the chicken and packs a huge punch of flavour. The aioli, cheese, pickles and veggies balances out the sweetness of the sauce perfectly.

RoyAls – The Double Chicken Royal

RoyAls Chicken and Burgers is home to some of Perth’s best fried chicken, so it is without a doubt that they make our top 5 fried chicken burgers. The Double Chicken Royal is one of our favourite burgers. The buttermilk chicken is always thick, juicy and tender, it satisfies all the fried chicken cravings you have. It is a simple burger made extremely well.

3230 – The Spiced Bird

3230 Smoke + Grill have provided the southern suburbs of Perth with brilliant burgers over the past couple of years. The Spiced Bird is their standout fried chicken burger for us. The coleslaw with spice chipotle mayo deliverers plenty of flavour. The serving of chicken is generous and it always has a good crunch to it. They also toast their buns to perfection, providing an added bit of crunch to every bite.

Tbsp – The Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger

We accidentally stumbled across Tbsp. when we were out Bayswater way, and we are super stoked that we did. Tbsp. is not a burger restaurant, rather a trendy little café with some of the best ratings in all of Perth. Their buttermilk fried chicken is everything you want your fried chicken to be – thick, juicy and with a crisp and flavoursome batter. It is a simple burger, with just slaw and pickles in a brioche bun, but these fillings make way for the fried chicken to shine. The generous serve of chips will ensure you won’t leave hungry and their coffee is always on point.


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