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Whether you’re looking for top tteokbokki or some banging bulgogi, here are our seven favourite Korean restaurants in Perth.


No matter the time of year, sometimes you just need a hearty soup, and Woojeong will certainly deliver on that front, with everything from spicy beef or seafood, to fish roe, all the way to pork blood. If that’s not your speed, plenty of bibimbap options will always please.

536 Hay Street, Perth

Phill Bean

The humble suburban shopping centre can be a treasure trove for hidden gems – and it’s definitely true for Phill Bean. This unpretentious Shelley eatery is dishing up some of Perth’s best bibimbap and bulgogi, with authentic flavours and an extremely palatable price tag. Make sure you leave enough room for a kimchi pancake!

Shop 2, Shelley Hub Shopping Centre, 17 Tribute Street, Shelley

Marubang Noodle & Pork

What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to Marubang Noodle & Pork, they let you know what they’re about from the get-go. Jokbal and bossam have the pork side of the equation covered – braised pork hock and pork belly, respectively, both balanced with fresh vegetables and chilli. Next-level pork lovers will go for the soondae, or Korean blood sausage, served with lettuce or in soup.

297 William Street, Perth

K Town

K Town is the perfect meeting place between quantity and quality, offering all-you-can-eat set barbecue menus at a quality suitable for more discerning diners. House-made kimchi, generous banchan and attentive service round out the experience. Plus, the courtyard is a super cute and cosy setting for your next date night or catch up.

63 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Bulgogi BBQ

This unassuming Hay Street restaurant is the perfect spot for your next quick and easy after- work dinner. Charcoal grills impart that signature smokey barbecue flavour, which pairs well with their fresh and tasty banchan. Reasonable prices make Bulgogi BBQ great bang for your buck, too.

282 Hay Street, Perth

7grams Chicken Cafe

We’ve had an influx of Korean fried chicken spots over the past few years, and I’m not complaining. One of the more under-the-radar additions is North Perth cafe 7grams, which has quietly built a loyal following since its opening in 2016. For ultra crunch go for the original, but the spicy garlic or soy are pretty hard to pass up, too.

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410 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth


Another Korean kitchen that popped up in 2019, Hwaiting is tucked away in Northbridge’s bustling Old Shanghai. Baskets of crispy chicken with your choice of sauce – and make sure to take advantage of their chicken and beer deals. Changing the food court game!

Old Shanghai, 103-109 James Street, Northbridge

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Cover photo via K Town