The Best Things To Do In Mandurah

byPerth Is OK Staff
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Over the past couple of decades Mandurah has been transforming itself from sleepy fishing town to thriving costal city. Check out all the great things to do below:

Take The Kids For A Swim At Kwillena Gabi Pool

Unique circular estuary pool Kwillena Gabi is Mandurah’s newest attraction. Named by Bindjareb Boodja Traditional Owners, Kwillena Gabi aptly translates to “Dolphin Waters” – because you’re quite likely to encounter some of the local wildlife while you’re there! The pool is enclosed by a series of floating pontoons arranged in a circular formation, as well as a paved area with shade structures and a small jetty. With a maximum depth of almost 4.5m, the pool is suitable for just about every age – with little ones able to enjoy the gentle shallows and big kids able to jump in at the deep end. The pool also features ramp access to the water, with the ramp also connecting to the pontoons for access around the entire pool. The floating pontoons don’t have a net attached, allowing local wildlife to move through the pool – so if you’re lucky, you might get to swim with a pod of dolphins!

Hit The Fairways At 3 World-Class Golf Courses

For a city the size of Mandurah, it sure is blessed with some great golf courses in some superb locations. Along with the lush, parkland surrounds of Mandurah Country Club, there’s the highly regarded Meadow Springs Golf & Country Club, and the incredible links layout of The Cut, which runs right along the beach down in Dawesville. All three have their own challenges and are some of the most beautiful golf courses this State has to offer – get more info here.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

Cruise Through The Canals

Mandurah has a dense network of inland waterways and canals that are a dream to cruise through on a sunny day. Some of the housing and architecture on display throughout is wonderful, and it makes for a pleasant days cruising. Christmas time is when it really shines though, with the canals lighting up with all kinds of decorations and incredibly intricate light displays. Find out more here.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

Go For A Jog/Ride Along The Water

A coastal city in the truest sense, Mandurah is bound by water both west (the Indian Ocean) and east (the Peel Estuary), which makes for some incredibly scenic walkways. Along the beach there are some kilometres-long walking and cycling paths perfect for a beachside trot, while the estuary is equally well catered for. Try the bridge-to-bridge loop, the Seascapes to Falcon path, or cruise around the Dolphin Marina for some fresh, salty air.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

Bushwalk Through Some National Parks

Further inland nature-lovers will find plenty to keep them busy, with a host of beautiful walking and hiking trails throughout the region. There’s gorges, dense forests, bird-filled wetlands, suspension bridges and more all over the Peel region, you just need to bring your walking shoes, water and sunscreen! Check out a great list of trails here.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

Surfing & Kite Surfing At Avalon

Mandurah is littered with great surfing spots north and south, and for some more relaxed wave riding it’s hard to go past Avalon. Just north of the Dawesville cut, it’s a popular wave amongst the longboarding set, before the seabreeze comes in in the arvo and the kite/wind surfers take over.

Go Dolphin-Spotting In The Dawesville Cut

Alongside blue manna crabs, Mandurah is probably best known for its vibrant dolphin population, often seen cruising the Peel Inlet enjoying the abundant fish and protected coves on offer. As you can imagine there are plenty of ways to spot a few yourself, from simply walking around the estuary, jumping on kayak or canoe, to a proper dolphin cruise, you’d be hard-pressed to leave Mandurah without seeing one. For more info on when, where and how to see the dolphins, head here.

Sample Some Local Wine & Beer

You don’t have to head down to Margs to indulge in some high quality, locally-produced wine and craft beer. The Peel Region has a variety of different wine and beer experiences to fire up your taste buds, so much so there’s even a special trail you can follow. Head here to start planning your day on the Peel Region Craft Beer & Wine Trail.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

Get A History Lesson From The Bindjareb People

The Peel Region is one steeped in Indigenous History, and the first people of the region were the Bindjareb People who named the locality Mandjoogoordap AKA “meeting place of the heart”. There’s a host of stunning public Indigenous artworks throughout Mandurah to check out, or if you want to go a little deeper there is a variety of tours and experiences to sign up for. For more info head here.

Photo by Michael Bond & Visit Mandurah

Enjoy Some Local Seafood At Its Freshest…

Mandurah has spent a century as one of WA’s seafood hubs, home to mouth-watering crayfish, lobsters, fish and of course, blue manna crabs. It also means there’s a vibrant restaurant and bar scene, which will leave you never waiting for fresh local seafood. For more info on where to start head here.

Photo by Michael Bond & Visit Mandurah

…Or Sort Your Own Dinner With Some Serious Fishing & Crabbing

Of course a trip to Mandurah wouldn’t be complete without sourcing your own fresh local seafood, and fortunately there’s plenty of options to do so. The unique ecosystem created by the Peel Harvey Estuary and Dawesville Cut have created a fish-filled water body to help you catch dinner, along with some great beach fishing on the coast. It’s also full of blue manna crabs, and going netting or scooping is a Mandurah must-do. Please be aware that crabbing season kicks off on December 1, and for all the relevant fishing and crabbing info head here.

Photo by Russell Ord Photography & Visit Mandurah

And Explore The Rest Of Mandurah’s Excellent Dining Scene

As Perth’s urban sprawl continues to grow, places that used to feel like a bit of a mission away really aren’t that far. Mandurah is barely an hour south of Perth, and has plenty of spots for your next night out, whether you’re looking for some fiery fried chicken, a succulent steak sanga or a decadent bowl of pasta – check out our recommendations here.

Best Restaurants Mandurah, Brewvino

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