EatClub launches in WA, helping you save big at some of Perth’s best restaurants

EatClub App Perth
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Cost of living pressures has been THE running theme of life over the past 12-18 months, to the point that we’re sure you’re sick of hearing about it.

One thing we know you do love hearing about though, is ways to help you save while still having a good time, giving a big middle finger to cossie livs in the process.

Well let us introduce you to EatClub, a popular app around the country that’s recently launched in Perth (download it here).

How it works is pretty simple – restaurants are constantly uploading last-minute deals during quieter periods, in the process helping you score a delicious date-night dinner or last-minute lunch at awesome prices.

All of the deals are a simple % off the total bill, including drinks with most 30-50% off!

It’s the perfect option for when you’re trying to think of where to go for a bite to eat, and in the process helps restaurants and bars with a higher turnover during quiet periods.

What’s even better: you simply tap to pay on the venue’s normal eftpos system and the deal is automatically deducted, no showing a voucher, no asking for a discount – just tap to pay and off you go!

EatClub App Perth

There’s already almost 150 venues around town who are hooked into the app, with exclusive offers like up to 50% off total bills!

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And it’s a succulent selection of options you’ll find as well, from brand new wine bars like Enoteca Centro, to high end eateries like Will Street in Leederville and QT Rooftop.

There’s also popular central haunts like Main Street Ryu in the CBD and Six Senses Thai in Elizabeth Quay/Leederville, or some great coffee and brekky deals with the chaps at Charlie Boy Coffee in Northbridge.

The app is simple, safe and easy to use – find out more about EatClub via their website, and download the app via THIS LINK.

This article is sponsored by EatClub and endorsed by us. Please see our Editorial Policy for more info.