Editorial Policy

Perth Is OK! is a small, independent media organisation committed to letting its readers know about the best things to do around Perth and Western Australia, along with what’s happening around the State.

This is achieved through creating content under a variety of different pillars including informative, up-to-date news articles, along with on-going reviews, lists and editorial features compiled by a small team of contributors based all over Western Australia.

Perth Is OK! works with a variety of sponsors and advertisers to maintain a high quality of content, and will always let readers know when content from one of those sponsors is appearing on the site.


All news content is delivered in earnest, with as up-to-date information as possible that is researched and crosschecked. When it comes to news, opinion and bias are left out in favour of straightforward, informative editorial pertaining to what’s happening.


Perth Is OK!’s “Best Of” and “Things To Do” lists are written independently of sponsored content to maintain integrity and trust in our reviews, researched organically by our contributors and editorial team. It’s not possible to pay your way onto a list – you just need to be great at what you do.

Sponsored Content

We’re proud to work with a number of respected brands and sponsors from around Perth, Western Australia, and further afield. Not only do they keep a roof over our heads, more importantly they help us to continue promoting the small businesses of Perth and Western Australia we love so dearly. All sponsored content will be marked as such on articles, along with the appropriate hashtags on Instagram.

Affiliate Links

We sometimes use affiliate links to monetise our content whereby we may receive a commission on products or services that you purchase through clicking on links within the blog. Similarly to above, if an article uses affiliate links, we will provide that disclaimer on the article. These links will always be attached to content we feel is useful to readers.


We’re always open to talking further about the above, and if you have further questions about our Editorial Policy – feel free to send an email to hi[at]perthisok[dot]com.

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