The Most Fun Bars In Perth To Get Footloose And Fancy Free

Perth's Most Fun Bars, Joe's Juice Joint, Northbridge
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There’s a time and a place for a serious glass of wine, top-shelf cocktail and hushed tones… But there’s also a time and a place for cutting loose. Serious bars, or a seriously good time? We know where we’re headed this weekend…


Having to hunt down a secret, hidden bar is fun enough in and of itself… But when you finally find your way into Toots, that’s when the fun really starts. It’s disco, it’s velvet, it’s glitter, it’s little-umbrellas-in-your-drink. Just make sure to wear your dancing shoes!

Perth's Most Fun Bars, Toots, Northbridge

Secret location!


What’s more fun than going home with a freshly-caught fish? That’s no euphemism: every week, Rodney’s Famous Friday Night Fish Raffle sees a lucky punter go home with a mighty catch. That’s without even mentioning the bar itself, which is lovingly homed within a locally made ’50s timber boat.

598 Stirling Highway, Mosman Park

Darling Darling

As soon as you push aside the curtains at Darling Darling’s door, it feels like you’ve stepped into the belly of a pirate ship – there’s ropes hanging on the walls, a ship’s wheel at the entrance, candles dripping pools of wax onto tables, and often you’ll be treated to Julian the fiddler playing jigs through the night. (There’s also enough rum to sink any sailor, with cocktails like a classic dark and stormy, or set off for an adventure with a Dutch East Indies Tea, featuring gin infused with Earl Grey tea.) Make note though: scalliwags and scoundrels not welcome!

1/36 Henry Street, Fremantle

Hula Bula

Opening way back in 2005, Hula Bula is one of Perth’s longstanding quirky favourites. This tropical treasure trove is a rum-lover’s paradise, filled with plenty of animal print, bamboo and tiki-style cocktails as far as the eye can see!

Perth's Most Fun Bars, Hula Bula, Perth

12 Victoria Avenue, Perth


We don’t wanna say entering Caballitos is like descending into a den of iniquity, but there’s also a pole in the middle of their “Chapel of Sin”, so read into that what you will. A favourite spot for a cheeky Tommy’s marg or two, there’s nothing that’ll get a party started quicker than a margarita tree.

Perth's Most Fun Bars, Caballitos, Perth

Basement Level, 26 Queen Street, Perth

Joe’s Juice Joint

“Ah, well, we ended up at Joe’s last night…”

It’s the oft-repeated phrase of someone with a sore head. Joe’s is the Northbridge haunt that is almost always the last stop in the night – just in time for fried chicken, pinball and plenty of picklebacks. We would never regret a trip to Joe’s, but good decisions are rarely made this late at night.

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Perth's Most Fun Bars, Joe's Juice Joint, Northbridge

232-234 William Street, Northbridge

Mustang Bar

Open for 17 years now, Mustang Bar is really a part of the fabric of Northbridge. Bringing Americana before dive bars were cool, this pumping spot is a favourite for not just sports-lovers, but live music fans, salsa dancers and rockabillies alike.

46 Lake Street, Northbridge

Header image: Joe’s Juice Joint