Want To Win A Year’s Worth Of Free Burgers? Just Help Meet & Bun Name Their New One!

byBlake Kelleway
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Live. Love. Laugh. And Eat Burgers. It’s a simple mantra to live by (and perhaps one we just made up), but an important one.

And Perth burger institution Meet & Bun wants to help you eat a wholllle lot of burgers. A whole year’s worth in fact! But first they need a little help from you.

For the past few months people have been pestering Meet & Bun for their take on the big, mac-nificent-looking burger you can see pictured. They’ve been perfecting their version over that time, and are obviously pretty damn happy with the results – they just need a name!

That’s where you come in, and the winning entrant will score themselves free Meet & Bun for a year (with a few caveats, of course). All you need to do is head to THIS POST on Instagram, and follow the instructions.

The lucky winner will be announced in the coming weeks.