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We’re truly spoiled for choice with Perth’s world-class cocktail bars, but what if you’re seeking to wet your whistle a little closer to home?

While you’ll still find us most weekends sipping and supping at one of our favourite small bars, we’re also looking for ways to imbibe that are a little easier on the wallet – like hosting the ultimate at-home summer cocktail sesh!

As luck would have it, we’ve found the perfect set of ingredients to ensure a top-shelf experience for all that still includes bar-quality beverages – read on to find out more…

Set the scene

Picture this: you’re reclining in your backyard, soaking up the afternoon sun, cocktail in hand, friends by your side. How idyllic! But uh… What is the cocktail actually in? If your mismatched cupboard of former jam jars and nicked pint glasses isn’t quite doing the job, pick up a quirky set of glassware from one of Perth’s great vintage stores (like The Picker Concept!), plus a few charming serving bowls for a snack or two.

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers

Get the vibes right

You might not be in a bougie, bajillion-dollar bar fit out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the vibes right! Alongside those quirky vintage glasses, pop down to your local grower’s market for some stunning fresh fruit for a centrepiece – best of all, you can use them for garnishes or chuck ‘em in your breakfast smoothie the next morning – or treat yourself to a bouquet of delivery flowers to brighten up your table.

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers

Level up your cocktail game with Mr. Consistent

Of course, the most important part to any cocktail sesh? The cocktails, duh! We have to admit that despite our enthusiasm for a cheeky cocktail or three, our mixology skills leave rather a lot to be desired. (Don’t worry, we’re plenty good at other things!)

Luckily, not a single friend has noticed our lack of skills thanks to Mr. Consistent. Made by bartenders, for bartenders, there’s no easier way to get a professional-quality cocktail at home – whether you’re a Lychee Martini lover, a Chilli Margarita maven or a Cosmo connoisseur.

Our tip? Pop down to one of Mr Consistent’s many local suppliers like Dan Muphy’s The Good Grocer or Liquor Barons and grab a few different options to suit even the most discerning of guests.

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Plus, farm-to-bottle Australian-first fruit means zesty, zingy flavour – as fresh as if you had been squeezing citrus all morning, but way less mess. All you need is to add your favourite spirit!

Mr Consistent Cocktail Mixers

Source the snacks

While the cocktails are absolutely the star of the show, we reckon an A-grade snack game is a non-negotiable. Luckily, plenty of Mr. Consistent stockists are also some of our favourite gourmet grocers! Pop into Angelo Street Market, Peaches Fresh in South Freo, Basil’s Gourmet Market or The Herdsman – with all the necessities under one roof, you’ll be creating the cheeseboard of your dreams in practically the blink of an eye.

Ready to level up your at-home mixology? Head to the Mr. Consistent website to find your new favourite summer cocktail.

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