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You’re suave! You’re hip! You’re with it! You definitely know all the best places for that spicy, saucy first date. But just in case you’re breaking out in a cold sweat over where to go in Perth for that romantic date night dinner, here’s a few suggestions.


Perth’s boundary-pushing, bombastic culinary enfant terrible, we can’t get enough of Testun’s irreverent attitude and big flavours – particularly when it comes to a date night with a sprinkling of party vibes. Combining Italian nostalgia with a new-wave Australasian approach, the neighbourhood osteria is quickly making its (neon green) mark. Ciao stronzi!

12/760 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Lions and Tigers

With the roaring success of Duck Duck Bruce, it made perfect sense for the crew to expand into a dinner service. Taking up residence on Bannister Street, just a short stroll from the cafe, Lions and Tigers was born in 2019. It’s got all the same good vibes and humour we’ve come to expect from the cafe, focused into Indian-inspired, flavourful fare. Perfect for an easy, breezy, delicious date!

Perth's best date night restaurants, Lions and Tigers, Fremantle

6-8 Bannister Street, Fremantle


Whether it’s a date night, special occasion or simply a Wednesday, we’ll take any excuse to head to Nextdoor – but their positively sexy snack game certainly doesn’t hurt. Hot honey-drizzled stuffed chicken wings inspired by a KFC x siu mai crossover? Hash brown piped with whipped cod roe and pickle powder? A mind-bogglingly succulent steak? We’re getting flustered…

79 Angelo Street, South Perth

La Lune

Since opening in 2022, we haven’t been able to get enough of La Lune’s Parisian vibes and classic bistro eats. One part bright and eclectic, one part sultry and romantic, the all-day bistro is enticing date night diners with luxe classics like steak frites, rosti temptingly topped with caviar or decadent crab vol-au-vents. Ooh la la, baby.

71-75 George Street, East Fremantle

Le Rebelle

Like we said, you’re hip! You know about all the hot restaurants in town! That’s just one of the reasons you should head to Le Rebelle on your next date night. With a high brow, French-inspired bistro menu, this is sure to impress. Just make sure you book ahead: tables fill up quick sticks, and you don’t want to have to resort to your less impressive plan B (Hungry Jacks??). They’ve now also got a walk-in-only, internationally-inspired wine bar, Bar Rogue – it’s just down the road, if you prefer to keep things spontaneous.

Perth's Best Date Night Restaurants, Le Rebelle, Mount Lawley

676 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Lulu La Delizia

The cat’s really outta the bag with Lulu La Delizia. This inconspicuous Subi osteria has become mighty conspicuous after rave reviews, from Gourmet Traveller to Marco Pierre White. Just don’t get too tempted to reenact the Lady and the Tramp with your tagliatelle… or do, we’re not cops! Follow your heart.

Forrest Walk, 5/97 Rokeby Road, Subiaco


If you’re wanting pasta, but maybe your pockets aren’t as deep as Marco Pierre White’s… Francoforte is the budget-friendly, post-work, dependable option. With expanded digs, you won’t have to fight quite so hard for a table, and they’re no longer BYO-only, so no stress if you forget to hit up the bottle-o on the way in. Mamma mia! Give us that carbonara any day.

4/189 William Street, Northbridge


Yeah, yeah, we know. We’re talking about Madalena’s again. But for those easy, breezy, cruisey souls amongst us, Madalena’s is a perfect date night spot – particularly if it’s an easy, breezy Sunday evening. Nibble away at some prawns over a glass of orange wine in the sunshine, let the conversation flow… you’re the best version of yourself, buddy. We believe in you.

Perth's best date night restaurants, Madalena's, South Fremantle

406 South Terrace, South Fremantle


Friendly neighbourhood pizza spot Monsterella opened their pumping wine bar Mummucc’ at the start of the year, and it’s gone from strength to strength since. Pizza’s already pretty sexy, but imagine it, like, more sexy. Like, buzzing wine bar, oozing buratta, side of syrupy figs kind of sexy. Mummucc means mother in Abruzzese, and we reckon Freud can read into this what he wants.

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Mummucc, Wembley

6/46-56 Grantham Street, Wembley

Baan Baan

Market regular Bangkok Jump Street has made the leap to a brick-and-mortar location in Northbridge, and while Baan Baan means “comfort and simple”, that’s honestly a bit of an undersell. The menu is full of dynamic, exciting Thai street food, as well as home-style meals – but it’s all perfect for sharing. Let’s hope your date is as hot as some fresh Thai chilies.

172 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

Cosy Del’s

We’ve long extolled the virtues of Lathlain’s Laika as one of our favourite coffee and brunch spots – so when word reached us that they were opening a neighbouring bar slash restaurant, we were intrigued, to say the least. Our anticipation was not unwarranted: Cosy Del’s has lived up to it, and then some. We actually haven’t been able to stop thinking about the steak we had, imbued with smokiness from the hibachi grill and slathered in lardo butter – now that’s a succulent, sexy meal.

Perth's Best Date Night Restaurants, Cosy Del's, Lathlain

13 Lathlain Place, Lathlain

Manuka Woodfire Kitchen

Maybe we just had our heads in the sand, but it took us an embarrassingly long time to get switched on to the magic of Manuka. Luckily, everyone else isn’t so slow on the uptake – the restaurant has collected plenty of accolades and rave reviews in the meantime. The restaurant champions all the good low-waste, sustainable, seasonal, farmer-direct stuff we love to hear – although that doesn’t mean much if the food doesn’t speak for itself. Rest assured, in the hands of chef Kenny McHardy, the wood fired oven alchemises local ingredients into something really quite special.

134 High Street, Fremantle

Vincent Wine

If like us, you were feverishly anticipating something replacing the beautiful space at the top of William Street that used to be Meat Candy (RIP) – Vincent Wine has more than delivered in the years since opening. Bringing the mediterranean vibes we can no longer travel to, their wine list is 200-strong with a focus on France, along with plenty of homegrown specialties. Grab a seat in the courtyard in the late afternoon sun, a couple of glasses of wine, and some snacks to enjoy as you gaze into each other’s eyes.

465 William Street, Perth


When we first wrote about Casa, long ago before they officially opened, they had zero posts, yet four thousand-odd Instagram followers… if that doesn’t tell you the level of anticipation, we don’t know what will. Unsurprisingly, Casa has been an instant hit – and with good reason, dishing up a menu that is both contemporary and nostalgic, influenced by Italy as well as touching on Mexican and classic French flavours. Bring back the duck liver pâté eclair!

399 Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn

Long Chim

Turn up the heat on your plate and your date at Long Chim. The Thai street food mecca has become an institution of sorts since opening its doors in 2015 – and for good reason. Bringing a slice of Bangkok to the State Buildings’ basement, the menu practically slaps you in the face with flavour.

State Buildings, 1 Cathedral Avenue, Perth

No Mafia

It could be said that No Mafia’s specialty is “Stuff That Goes Really Well With a Glass of Wine”. Which, for the record, is a category we’re well and truly on board for. With its initial, compact location it had all the drop-on-by, buzzy vibes and share plates of a small bar, but the move up the road to larger premises has allowed for some great people-watching and an expanded menu that includes house-made pasta. And is more pasta ever a bad thing? We think not.

Perth's best restaurants, No Mafia, Northbridge

252 William Street, Northbridge

Shadow Wine Bar

Shadow Wine Bar is as glamorous and intriguing as an Italian film star. The decor is inviting rather than intimidating, with the dimly lit dining room lending an intimacy to your meal, particularly in spite of its grand, industrial, vaulted ceiling. The menu is a choose-your-own- adventure of formality, from the elegant bar snacks (crab, aioli and potato crisp, white anchovy toast) to the sumptuous mains – previous stars include the tortelli with prawn, vermouth and fennel, the veal cotoletta, or the beef fillet with confit leek and onion soubise.

Perth Bars For When You're Feeling Flirty, Shadow Wine Bar, Alex Hotel, Northbridge

214 William Street, Northbridge

La Madonna Nera

Having the misfortune of opening just before COVID hasn’t slowed La Madonna Nera down one bit, offering one of the most delightfully intimate dining experiences Perth has to offer. If you’re a fan of carefully curated, Italian-sourced wines then you’ll find plenty of friends at La Madonna Nera, and they’ll be happy to take you for a journey all over the boot-shaped peninsula. If making a booking seems a little committed, you can also check out their killer aperitivo hour (one of our favourites).

1/155 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn


Inglewood (OK, now technically Bedford) neighbourhood spot Cecchi’s has fast become a favourite amongst locals for their share-friendly Italian plates and charming vibes. While the small plates are worth a trip by themselves, the pasta can sure hold its own – from bucatini with Shark Bay cuttlefish to zaffron paccheri with porcini and duck sausage.

1000 Beaufort Street, Bedford


For a touch of old world charm (and a bit of romance), you can’t go past Capri, can you? Stepping into this family-run restaurant feels like stepping back in time, to bustling ’50s Fremantle and all of its Italian glory. Prices are, suitably in line with this old-school approach: incredibly reasonable, if not unbelievably low at times. Now with four generations of Pizzales involved in the restaurant, Capri is as good as ever. In fact, its determination to stand strong against any changing whims of fashions might be its greatest strength.

Perth's Best Date Night Restaurants, Capri, Fremantle

21 South Terrace, Fremantle

El Público

Beaufort Street stalwart el Público has been dishing up some of the most legit tacos in Perth for yonks. To be honest, we can’t think of anything more romantic than sharing a mixed grill plate with your beloved… just make sure you leave enough room for a side of mogo mogo. Muy bien!

Perth's Best Date Night Restaurants, El Publico, Mount Lawley

511 Beaufort Street, Highgate

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Vin Populi

There are certain openings that fly under the radar, and others that become the talk of not just the Perth Is OK! office, but the whole darn town. From the same team as the also excellent No Mafia and Balthazar, Vin Populi has been one of 2023’s early standouts and catapulted itself straight onto our best restaurants in Perth list. The pumping dining room is a testament to the good word travelling like wildfire. Nestled into Freo’s historic West End, pop by for afternoon antipasti, a late night negroni or lusciously tempting bowl of pasta.

Perth's best date night restaurants, Vin Populi, Fremantle

11 High Street, Fremantle


Wine bar Bertie – helmed by British-born Basso local, veteran bartender James Connolly – has quickly won us over with their British-leaning gastropub fare. A Scotch egg that made our dreams come true, a refined take on steak and onions and a quick jaunt across the Atlantic for a contemporary Waldorf salad: we’re strongly considering a move into the neighbourhood.

77 Old Perth Road, Bassendean

Cover image credit: Madalena’s