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    Before we even get started here, I’ve just gotta make one thing clear: there’s been a fried chicken sandwich shaped hole in our hearts ever since Meat Candy closed. While nothing has quite managed to fill the void, these other spots sure do come close – whether you’re into southern, katsu, karaage or Korean.

    Twin Beaks

    Does an element of mystery increase deliciousness? Twin Beaks has been popping up around Perth in garages, carparks and after-hours cafes for a few years, with a reputation for Perth’s best hot chicken sambos built almost entirely around word-of-mouth. Keep your peepers on their Instagram for their next pop up – and make sure to get there early, ‘cause these bad bois WILL sell out.

    Various locations.


    A personal brunch favourite, tbsp. pulls no punches when it comes to their menu. Every one of their Asian inspired offerings are worth a trip – but their buttermilk fried chicken burger is a thing of beauty. A generous piece of super crispy chicken paired with slaw and pickles, on a pillowy brioche bun. Just make sure to plan a few more visits to try everything else on the menu, too.

    10 King William Street, Bayswater


    Low-key legend Wingman will – as their logo attests – take you on the highway to the flavour zone. Just TRY to say that without singing it. Offering wings in either Malaysian bbq or southern fried styles, these guys keep it simple and ultra-tasty. Catch them at the next Inglewood Night Markets to try it for yourself.

    7grams Chicken Cafe

    We’ve had an influx of Korean fried chicken spots over the past few years, and I’m not complaining. One of the more under-the-radar additions is 7grams, which has quietly built a loyal following since its opening in 2016. For ultra crunch go for the original, but the spicy garlic or soy are pretty hard to pass up, too. They’ve just moved closer to Northbridge, and you’ll find their new little spot on Lake Street.

    212 Lake St, Perth


    Another Korean kitchen that’s popped up in 2019, Hwaiting is tucked away in Northbridge’s bustling Old Shanghai. Baskets of crispy chicken with your choice of sauce – and make sure to take advantage of their chicken and beer deal: a $3 beer with any fried chicken purchase, or if you’re with a mate, two beers for five bucks.

    Old Shanghai, 103-109 James Street, Northbridge

    Restaurant Jun

    Jun has long been a cult favourite of Japanese lovers in Perth, and their karaage and katsu do not disappoint. Super golden, super crispy, super tasty – and for some reason, when fried chicken is called katsu, it doesn’t feel quite as guilt-inducing? A rose by any other name and all that…

    Photo by @w.lustono

    568 Hay Street, Perth

    Editor’s pick:


    If you really want to get deep then Chimek is where it’s at.  Indulge in a humungous range of different fried chicken flavours and pair it up with some classic beer and soju. Bring a friend or 10 and an appetite because the serving sizes are out of this world.

    77A James St, Northbridge

    818 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

    1 Holmes St, Southern River WA 6110

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