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Perth's best fried chicken, Double Rainbow, Northbridge
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Whether you’re into southern, katsu, karaage or Korean, read on below for some of the best spots to pick up fried chicken around Perth and beyond.

Oh and before you get all up-in-wings about it, we have separate article for fried chicken burgers right here.

7grams Chicken Cafe

We’ve had an influx of Korean fried chicken spots over the past few years, and we’re not complaining. 7grams has quietly built a loyal following since its opening in 2016 in North Perth. For ultra crunch go for the original, but the spicy garlic or soy are pretty hard to pass up, too. They’ve just moved closer to Northbridge, and you’ll find their new little spot on Lake Street – just follow your nose.

212 Lake Street, Perth


Low-key legend Wingman will – as their logo attests – take you on the highway to the flavour zone. (Just try to say that without singing it.) Offering wings in either Malaysian BBQ or southern fried styles, these guys keep it simple and ultra-tasty. Keep an eye on their socials to see which markets you can hit up to try it for yourself.

Various Locations

Popo Lee

Korean and Mexican are not two genres of food you often see mixed together, which makes Popo Lee restaurant something of a curio around town. Yet here we are, and you haven’t lived until you’ve had one of their fried chicken quesadillas! The three-piece fried chicken serving also does not disappoint – a worthy little spot to seek out around Northbridge.

1/134 Aberdeen St, Northbridge

Lola’s Filipino Diner

Started by the team behind beloved burger joint RoyAl’s, Lola’s Filipino Diner pays homage to their Filipino heritage and the food they grew up with. The crowd favourite is, of course, the fried chicken gravy – Lola’s ode to Jollibee’s chicken joy. And for good reason, this stuff will keep you coming back over and over again!

Perth's Best New Bars and Restaurants of 2021, Lola's Filipino Diner, East Victoria Park

8/885 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park


Another Korean kitchen that’s popped up in 2019, Hwaiting is tucked away in Northbridge’s bustling Old Shanghai. Baskets of crispy chicken with your choice of sauce – and make sure to take advantage of their chicken and beer deal: a $3 beer with any fried chicken purchase, or if you’re with a mate, two beers for five bucks.

Old Shanghai, 103-109 James Street, Northbridge


If you really want to get deep then Chimek is where it’s at. Indulge in a humungous range of different fried chicken flavours and pair it up with some classic beer and soju. Bring a friend or 10 and an appetite because the serving sizes are out of this world.

77A James St, Northbridge
818 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park
1 Holmes St, Southern River WA 6110

Local Bird

After earning legions of local fans, Local Bird has become a name we can barely go a day without hearing. With some practically pornographic burgers, we’re not surprised they’ve created such a furore. Smashed patties are beaten to within an inch of their life, and stacked with more queso than you can even comprehend. That chicken has the crispiest, crunchiest coating you ever did see. We’ve broken out into a sweat just thinking about it, to be honest.

1/91 Wanneroo Road, Tuart Hill


While many of the other spots on this list are dedicated fried chicken joints, Besk’s beloved bang bang chicken just had to crack a mention. Succulent, crispy, spicy – it’s hitting all the right notes. Plus, it’s served in a lettuce cup, so it’s practically health food in our books (or at least we tell ourselves that).

Perth's best fried chicken, Besk West Leederville

264 Railway Parade, West Leederville

Double Rainbow

We’ve had plenty of meals at Double Rainbow and we’re yet to find a dish we haven’t enjoyed immensely. With an unmistakably Korean tilt to the menu, it’s not surprising that some fried chicken would make an appearance – this time with the bougie addition of not just a chilli and yuzu mayo, but a decadent bump of caviar!

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Perth's best fried chicken, Double Rainbow, Northbridge

224 William Street, Northbridge

Archie’s Hot Chicken

Perth loves a pop-up, and Archie’s is well worth waiting in line for. Classically Nashville-style, you can take things from an oh-so-approachable medium all the way up to FU Hot, if you dare. Whether it’s spicy or not, you know it’ll be super juicy on the inside and crispy AF on the outside, just as it should be.


While Naber’s backyard bar is all disco fun, inside is bringing the more sultry, intimate date night vibes. Fitting to the vibes out the back, they’ve re-jigged the menu to keep things more fun times than fine dining – and alongside their deliciously gooey disco fries, you’ll find their “juicy AF” fried chicken, drizzled with bourbon maple to seal the deal.

148 Oxford Street, Leederville

Header image credit: Double Rainbow