10 Tasty Tips For Your Next Summer Cocktail Session

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Now that the weather’s warming up, there’s nothing that can stand between us and a refreshing cocktail – preferably outside and with mates. We don’t do anything by halves, so we’ve been thinking about how to perfect the art of the summer cocktail:

Get Out, Right Now

If you’re stuck inside, it may as well be in the middle of a deep and dark winter. Make the most of our stellar weather by getting outside – whether it’s in the backyard, on the balcony, or even hitting up one of our favourite beer gardens, wine courtyards, or beachside bars. Wherever you are, just make sure you’re getting your vitamin D while getting your vitamin C (the C is for cocktail, FYI).

Get The Goods

We’re talking cocktails, after all – and the most integral part of that has got to be the booze. We love stopping by one of our favourite boutique bottle shops any time of the year, and discovering  something off the beaten path. The Wine Thief, while of course great for wine, is also a treasure trove of interesting spirits. If you’re more into the beers, there is no equal to Mane Liquor. But of course, summer isn’t complete without a refreshing, funky natty wine from Wise Child Wine Store – and if you’re really organised, you can even have a box delivered just in time for your next soirée. And while this is certainly getting a bit long-winded, we cannot (repeat: cannot!) turn down an opportunity for a spritz, let alone when it’s made with South Beach Aperitivo. They say the zero-sugar drink is bursting with coastal flavours of salt bush, strawberry gum and lemon myrtle, and we couldn’t put it better ourselves. Whatever you’re drinking, there are oodles of Perth producers making world-class spirits, beer and wine.

Perth Summer Cocktail Party Tips, South Beach Aperitivo

Get The Gear

You’ve got the booze, but then you realise… You haven’t got a shaker, or a muddler, or just about any of the bits you need to make your cocktail of choice. There is nary even a bottle opener in sight. Don’t panic – Cocktail Corner has you covered! These Perth guys have everything you could conceive of needing for any conceivable cocktail – whether you’re a budding mixologist or just learning the difference between your dirty and dry martinis. They even stock ice sphere makers – so you can finally have that ultimate fancy cocktail experience at home.

Garnish That Bad Boy

No cocktail is complete without a garnish – not only does it make the drink picture-perfect, but it’ll add that special something taste-wise. Passionè Secca are a brand-new company out of the Hills, hand-making garnishes from locally sourced fruits. Grapefruit, lime, pineapple and heaps more fruits are available, plus the suggestively named, ahem, rim jobs – the perfect addition to any cocktail. They’re just on insta for now, but their website is coming any day now.

Mix ‘N Match

Maybe you’re a real turbo, downing shot after shot at your casual backyard cocktail party… But we hazard a guess you might need a little something else in there, too. Get rid of that half-bottle of flat, supermarket tonic water you found in the back of the fridge and get your hands on some Bedfellows Mixers. Based in Northbridge and bottled in Vasse, this local outfit is producing some truly premium tonic water, infused with flavours that embody the coastal lifestyle.

Perth Summer Cocktail Party Tips, Bedfellows Mixers

Get The Glassware

“Make it nice!” with some gorg glassware – we’re obsessed with Side Serve Shop’s range, from the technicolour Pop Glass Tumbler to the delicate, rippled Bloom Champagne Coupe. Plus, Ooh La La is home to a breathtaking, curated range of luxe glassware – including tantalisingly colourful Maison Balzac jugs and glasses. When it comes to a luxe, minimalistic Scandi vibe, Arrival Hall has everything you need to set the mood, like fluted and smoked glass champagne saucers… Fantastisk!

Perth Summer Cocktail Party Tips, Ooh La La, North Fremantle

Set Up A Spread

No party is complete without the eats – whether it’s a solo cocktail or a full on summer soirée. Sometimes we’re into a DIY vibe – in which case we hit up one of our favourite cheesemongers or gourmet delis to craft the perfect grazing board, or even a farmer’s market for a full feast… but sometimes, you just want someone to do it for you. The Black Truffle is the answer to your bougie grazing board prayers, offering customised platter you can order ahead and simply pick up before your party, rested and relaxed, or they can come and set up something more substantial at your place. If you’re in the Freo area, Lo Presti and Son will even do an antipasto platter via UberEats – now that’s convenient.

Perth Summer Cocktail Party Tips, The Black Truffle, North Fremantle

Photo via The Black Truffle

Set The Scene

Sure, you drink with your mouth, but your eyes take it in first!  Of course, the ultimate, stylish finish to your table is some flowers. Make life easy and your table spectacular by having a bouquet delivered to your doorstep by one of our favourite florists who deliver. Paired with a couple of Hall of Flame candles, or stunning Piera Bochner candles via North Freo’s dreamy Ooh La La? Why, you’re the coolest cat in town. If that wasn’t enough for you, we’ve rounded up some more of our favourite local tableware HERE.

Perth Summer Cocktail Party Tips, Hall of Flame

Get The Inspiration Flowing

Maybe you slightly overestimated your mixology skills… we have to admit, we’ve been guilty of that once or twice.

No stress – there are plenty of resources for you to polish your drink-mixing skills, as well as to get inspired. Pop into one of our favourite local independent bookstores and crack open a book on the subject: from encyclopaedic tomes on the A-Z of every drink under the sun, to meandering histories and anecdotes, to cinematic cocktail mashups. Boffins, in a typically technical fashion, have an astronomical selection of books on the topic, with Maylands favourite Rabble also offering a great selection. We also love Diabolik‘s selection of cookbooks, for the perfect bite to accompany your drink.

Give Up And Outsource

Tried all of that, and the results were… lacklustre? It’s ok, we’re sure you’re good at other things. Leave it to the professionals, and treat yourself to a visit from an actual bartender. Those guys from Cocktail Corner? They’re also the guys behind Your Bartender. They’ll rock up with all the bits and pieces – and skills! – to help you have a great night, without the stress.

Header image: The Wine Thief

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