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Our amazing local produce deserves food that’s going to showcase its quality, and sushi is the perfect canvas! From a quick roll on the go to a more decadent degustation experience, here’s seven of our favourite sushi spots.

James Parker

You might want your sushi fresh and bright, but your setting a little more dark and moody… enter, James Parker. Entering through the dramatic archway, you know you’re going to be in for a treat. Also purveyors of aburi sushi, you can expect to find plenty of grilled or seared rolls, as well as a robust selection of nigiri and sashimi. If you’re feeling brave, you can even try the natto (fermented soybean) roll – all with a glass of sake, of course.

Shop 2, 182 James Street, Northbridge


If you’d stumbled upon Leeming’s family-run Ichirin for a quick lunch on the go, it would be easy to file it away as a particularly good, neighbourhood shopping strip takeaway joint. And while the casual lunch fare is, to give credit where credit’s due, extremely well executed, there’s more to Ichirin than meets the eye. Chef Shiro Okuchi’s masterful knowledge of seafood – particularly West Australian – is highly impressive, and a glance at their socials will certainly have sashimi lovers’ mouths watering. Book in for their omakase if you really want to take it up a notch.

Shop 2, Cnr Beasley Road and Dundee Street, Leeming


Marumo’s omakase menu has become the stuff of legends – and while the sought-after seven course experience spans far more than just sushi… the sushi’s still gotta get an honourable mention. This is no casual takeaway, but rather, one of the hardest reservations in Perth to wrangle. Prepare for a three-hour degustation in the itty-bitty, minimalist dining room, which itself is tucked away in an otherwise unremarkable Nedlands shopping village. At $75 per head, Marumo is one of the best value fine dining experiences in Perth.

22/145 Stirling Highway, Nedlands

The Modern Eatery

Perhaps we’re rubes, but for us at least, aburi sushi was a real revelation. While sushi is generally pretty exciting to start with, the addition of a delicate flame searing to these melt- in-your-mouth bites brings a new dimension of flavour. Paired with that homemade aburi sauce? Hot damn, we’re in business. Service-wise, we can’t help but mention that arriving on only our second visit to their Mount Lawley restaurant, we were greeted with a hearty “welcome back!”. It’s moments like these that keep you coming back for more.

Shop 1, 595 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
Shop 6, 124 High Street, Fremantle


This cosy, unpretentious restaurant has been hidden away in Subiaco for yonks, and it’s difficult to understand why there isn’t a line out the door. The sushi and sashimi menu is considered, and while it’s extensive enough to include crowd pleasers like California maki, it stays well clear of any risk of gimmicks. Their other offerings include homestyle donburi and udon, paired with service so warm you’ll want to curl up on the tatami and stay there forever.

12/375 Hay Street, Subiaco


City slickers will, I’m sure, already be well-versed in ZenSaki’s lunchtime offerings. This modern canteen has not one, but two! St Georges Terrace locations, and a menu that is designed for movers and shakers. While their ramen is pretty enticing on a cold winter’s day, the bountiful, technicolour grab and go selection is truly something to behold. Sushi, as far as the eye can see, I tell ya!

QV1 Plaza, 250 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Allendale Square, 77 St Georges Terrace, Perth


We’re going to have to preemptively apologise to Joondalup locals: the secret is out. OEC is the cafe you wish you had at the end of your street – although you might have to buy a bigger pair of pants. This Japanese-Korean cafe might not be for authentic, sushi purists, or the most sushi-centric of everywhere on the list, but boy oh boy does it make up for it in both cuteness and flavour. If you can make it past the katsu sandwich, or the souffle pancakes, you’ll find yourself face-to-face with the sushi burgers. Once you see it, you’ll understand why sometimes, authenticity is overrated.

75 Regents Park Road, Joondalup

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