Deals, Discounts, Deliveries: Do burgers better with Varsity’s new loyalty app

Varsity League App
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Getting tired of late/overpriced deliveries of your delicious Varsity burgs from various food delivery apps?

Looking for some sweet deals to enhance your Varsity-going experience?

Perth’s premier purveyors of all things burgers, beers and the big games, Varsity have just launched their brand-spankin’ the new app, Varsity League (download it now on APPLE and GOOGLE).

Varsity League App

Designed to make your Varsity experience better, cheaper and more exciting, you’ll get access to exclusive deals, discounts, prizes and rewards.

And the best part is you can order Varsity directly through your app, meaning deliveries will not only be cheaper, but fresher and tastier when they get to your door quicker!

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You’ll also earn points with every purchase to be used at all Varsity locations around Perth, plus you’ll cop a free drink on your birthday.

Not surprisingly they’re pretty pumped with the new Varsity League, and to celebrate its launch you’ll get free delivery for the first two months as well as $10 off your first delivery order, plus $8 pints of Varsity Lager for all members, all the time when you visit!

So what are you waiting for… download the new app on APPLE or GOOGLE, and get more info via the Varsity website.

This article is sponsored by Varsity and endorsed by us. Please see our Editorial Policy for more info.