Wanna Own (Part Of) A Great Brewery? Wilson Brewing Co. Are Crowdfunding Right Now!

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If you love beer and you’ve been to Albany, you’ll know of the Wilson clan and their beloved Wilson Brewing Co. – not only do they know their way around a delicious drop (or 10), they’re champions of all things Great Southern.

Matty Wilson set out with the simple mission of showcasing the styles and flavours of beer he loved and giving back to the community while he did so, and that passion has led to their brewery becoming the absolute pride of Albany.

As you’ll learn below, those strong community ties are what gives Wilson Brewing Co. that little extra kick across their very session-able core range, and now they’re gearing up to take that same passion and excellent flavour further abroad…

And this is where you, dearest reader, come in!

They’ve just a launched crowdfunding CAMPAIGN via Australian Equity Crowdfunding Platform Birchal to help them:

  • Increase wholesale distribution across Australia and overseas;
  • Grow a bigger and better Albany brewpub;
  • Increase capacity to over a million litres brewed per year; and
  • Launch a Dunsborough brewery joint venture

Honestly though, we’re better off letting them explain it, because it’s hard not to get swept up in their legendary energy:

Head to the Wilson Brewing Co. Birchal Site to learn more about the crowdfunding opportunity and own your own little slice of Great Southern heaven.

This article is sponsored by Wilson Brewing Co. and very happily endorsed by us. Please see our Editorial Policy for more info.

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