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While Perth tends to have a habit of going into hibernation once the winter months set in, we feel like there’s a change in the cool, sometimes rainy air. Just because we love our beaches doesn’t mean there’s not a plethora of things to do over the winter months… From waterfall hikes to hot chocolate, film festivals and farmer’s markets, you’ve really got no excuse to bust out that scarf and get out and about.

Fremantle will be an irresistible destination to exactly that this coming July, as the Fremantle Festival takes on an exciting new shape in 2019 – 10 Nights In Port. Running from July 12-21. It’s opening up Fremantle’s historic nooks and crannies to the public with an incredible lineup of events with something for just about everyone.

You can check out the full guide at the 10 Nights In Port WEBSITE, and check out a few of the cooler suggestions below:

Festival Club

Your first port of call should of course be the Festival Club – 10 Nights In Port’s home base for food, drink and merriment over the course of the fest. The pop-up bar will be hosting communal dining experiences, provisioned by Freo faves Moore & Moore Café, and looks to be the place to hang between events, or even to catch a few, including Welcome To Country.

More info HERE.


Wowzzee is an interactive installation exploring the relationship between consumers and producers, with the audience joining the production line for the “world’s most glamorous onesies”. You’ll be invited to make or buy the pieces from artist/designer Adele Varcoe as you interact with the installation, for a truly unique and enlightening experience.

More info and session times HERE.

Feast Of The Deceiver

For an immersive night of intrigue and luxury dining, Feast Of The Deceiver looks amazing! Beginning as a tantalising six-course dinner in a secret location courtesy of revered Perth chefs Scott Brannigan and Herb Faust, the night will head in a series of mysterious directions. Make sure you’re dressed in all BLACK.

More info and tickets HERE.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures has been a favourite fixture of the Fremantle winter for the past eight years, and the upcoming program looks as fantastic as ever. On Thursday 11, 18 and Saturday 25 July some of Freo’s most exciting young bands will hit the stage in evocative West End venues like The Navy Club, The Buffalo Club, The Wyola Club, The National Hotel and more.

More info and tickets HERE.

10 Nights In Fort

Our inner-child is hanging out for 10 Nights In Fort, where Akin collaboration are transforming the Festival Club space in a freakin’ cubby house! So throw on your warmest woolly jumper and grab some nice hot drinks and yummy treats while enjoying live music and even some VHS classics.

More info and opening times HERE.

Full Moon Studio Portraits

Now we know there’s plenty of dog lovers out there, so why not make it official thanks to photographer Yvonne Doherty? Doherty invites you and your canine pal to relax in the surreal Full Moon Studio, filled with vintage backdrops, lights and cinema-ready props. Any portrait is a possibility, ready to hang proudly on your home wall for years to come.

More info and tickets HERE.

Phantom Islands

Phantom Islands appear and disappear from maps, thanks mostly to being created by early sailors – sometimes made up, sometimes faulty measurements, navigational errors or optical illusions. The gallery floors of PS Art Space will be home to three “phantom islands” for the duration of the festival as a free exhibition. Created by landscape designer Andrew Beck, sound artist Ned Beckley and visual artist Tom Mùller, it promises to be something else.

More info and opening times HERE.

Campfire Karaoke

If you’re not snuggling up amongst the 10 Nights In Fort cubbyhouse at the Festival Club, you’ll have to make sure to cut loose on Friday nights for Campfire Karaoke. Hosted by Conceptual Connie and her Magic Mic, there’ll be toasty marshmallows and sing-alongs aplenty.

More info and session times HERE.

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The Miss Behave Gameshow

Live and direct from Las Vegas, The Miss Behave Gameshow makes it WA debut at 10 Nights In Port. A wild night of disco delights, games, glitter and of course, prizes, its coming off the back of sold out seasons in Sydney, Melbourne and Edinburgh. And it promises to be an energetic and chaotic night of frivolity and most importantly, fun.

More info and tickets HERE.

Glass Houses and Green Futures

A celebration of Fremantle’s rich horticultural history, five artist-built hothouses will host the artists’ and keen green thumbs’ coming together and sharing of experiences for a greener Freo. Looking at gardening past, present and future, drop by a free public session close to you, or take a tour of all five houses!

More info and session times HERE.