Perth Is OK! Day 2022: Start Your Summer Right With The Legends At Cold Nips!

Cold Nips Perth Is OK Day
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We recently told you all about our hair-brained scheme for the second annual Perth Is OK! Day – and our ultimate goal of a summer-ready, beers in the sunshine, public holiday for the people!

We left you with a little teaser about a particularly special morning dip… Well, what better way to bring in the summer season than with an invigorating early morning dip in the ocean? The legends at Cold Nips live by the mantra meet, splash, vibe – gathering at early, ungodly hours to plunge into the freezing cold ocean en masse.

Cold Nips Perth Is OK Day

Not only is it a darn good time, the physical and mental benefits of cold water therapy are countless – especially when you add in the excellent, impeccable vibes of a group of like-minded and welcoming new friends, all taking the plunge together.

Sounds like two hairbrained schemes that oughta work together, if you ask us! Which is exactly why Perth Is OK! is joining forces with Cold Nips to bring in summer right.

On December 2, 2022 (AKA Perth Is OK! Day), join us at 5.30am to purge the winter blues in the crystal clear water of Cottesloe Beach and welcome the season of sunshine.

As an extra-special edition of Cold Nips, we’ll also be joined by the one and only Marcel Hof – legendary breathwork and cold immersion practitioner, and brother to Iceman Wim Hof. We’ll have the aficionados at Ol’ Buoy on hand for post-swim coffees, with $1 from each coffee going to local nonprofit Ocean Heroes.

To get involved, grab your bathers and a sense of adventure, and register your attendance for free.

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