Help us city slickers find some hidden gems amongst City of Canning’s 16 suburbs!

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While we do our best to cast our nets as far, wide and as deep as possible, we’ll be the first to admit we sometimes get stuck in our little CBD bubble at Perth is OK!

So often our lists and suburb guides will have comments like “Hey you missed spot X!”, or “Don’t you guys ever venture north/south/east of the city?!”

Well today we’re here to make amends, and we’re throwing the gauntlet to you, dear readers, to help us find some hidden gems that should be on our radar.

We’re teaming up with City of Canning to shine a light on some of the hidden gems to be found amongst the region’s whopping 16 suburbs!

City of Canning

For instance, did you know there’s a huge Wholesale Fresh Produce Market that is the main supplier of local produce to some of WA’s most trusted brands, along with a range of our most beloved restaurants.

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And on Saturday morning from 6-10am it’s a clearance market open to the public, where you can score seafood, meat, fruit and vegetables at insane prices while still super fresh. Or head down on Sunday morning’s for the weekly Community Market and Car Boot Sale.

As growers markets lovers we’re ashamed to say we only just found out about this, so you’ll see why we need your help – head to the Instagram post below and tell us your City of Canning hidden gems, and we’ll select a few winners at random for some sweet prizes:

We’ll be collating your answers into a new article in the coming weeks – in the meantime head to to explore some hidden gems of your own.

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