The best spots to see wildflowers along WA’s Coral Coast

Wildflowers Australia Coral Coast
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With winter in full swing around Perth (we’re hating those dark, cold early mornings as much as you), now’s the time for a circuit breaker – and we’ve got just the answer.

The 2023 Wildflower Season has just started to bloom along Western Australia’s Coral Coast, home to thousands of species of wildflowers, 50% which can only be found in the region!

From late July to early October, the region bursts into technicolour swathes as the region is carpeted in everlastings and unique species of wildflowers set against dramatic outback plains and rugged landscapes.

Wildflowers Australia Coral Coast

So now’s the time to escape the gloomy grey skies of Perth and welcome some colour back into your life – get inspired by these Coral Coast wildflower itineraries, and check out a few of the key hotspots below:

Lesueur National Park

Lesueur National Park is the most achievable spot on this list in terms of Perth day trips, located just under three hours’ drive north of Perth near Jurien Bay (weekend getaway perhaps?). Lesueur covers almost 27,000 hectares and features a bunch of great walking trails to get you close to species like tinsel lilies, sundews, orchids and acacias. 

Distance from Perth: 245km
Best time to visit: August-October

Coalseam Conservation Park

Roughly four-and-a-half hours’ drive from Perth is arguably WA’s hottest wildflower spot, renowned for colourful carpets of everlastings including banksias, hakeas and grevilleas. It’s free to enter, and the Coalseam Plateau Loop is a wonderful hiking trail to get amongst it.

Wildflowers Australia Coral Coast

Distance from Perth: 395km
Best time to visit: August-October

Depot Hill

A cruisy five minutes northeast of Mingenew, this spot has some spectacular views from Mingenew Hill, and a quick walk around Depot Hill will have you swimming in a sea of pink everlastings. From there it’s an awesome array of different species including flowering shrubs and a mass of snail, donkey, spider, cowslip and purple tassel orchids. This park is also free to enter, and if you’ve got your walking boots on the Firing Range Trail is an easy 20+ minute walk with some sculptures and historical info along the way.

Distance from Perth: 400km
Best time to visit: August-November


Next time you’re road tripping around Geraldton head inland to Pindar and Mullewa where you’ll find the rare Wreath Leschenaultia flower blooming along the road and in park lands. It’s one of the most unique native blooms you’ll find in WA, named due to its distinct circular shape and low-lying, pink and red flowered wreath.

Wildflowers Australia Coral Coast

Distance from Perth: 445km
Best time to visit: August-October

Kalbarri National Park

An epic place to visit for a myriad of reasons (check our recent deep dive here), wildflower season is when the region comes alive with over 1000 native flora bursting into bloom. Rare and endemic species like banksias, hakea, pink pokers and flannel bush and pink fairies and snail orchids abound, along with native flowers like grevillea, wattle, murchison rose and thryptomene. Kalbarri National Park has a $15 entry fee, more than worth it as you tackle spectacular walks like the Loop Trail, Z Bend Lookout (below) and River Trail.

Z Bend Lookout Trail Kalbarri

Distance from Perth: 570km
Best time to visit: July-November

Francois Peron National Park

Now we’re getting into extended holiday territory and Francois Peron National Park AKA where the red dirt meets white sandy beaches and brilliant blue waters. This region has WA’s longest wildflower season with more than 700 species, with many exclusive to the area including Shark Bay daisies, tamala rose, dune wattle, kurara and wurmbea odorata, and everlasting paper daisies.

Distance from Perth: 830km
Best time to visit: May-October

Cape Range National Park

Home to over 600 species of flowering plants, many of which having very unusual flowers, the Quobba coastline near Carnarvon and 50,500 hectare Cape Range National Park are proper unspoilt environments to discover. The most common blooms you’ll find are Cape Range grevilleas and kurrajongs, verticordias, acacias, mulla mulla, everlastings and the native red stuart desert peas.

Wildflowers Australia Coral Coast

Distance from Perth: 1200km
Best time to visit: June-October

And remember:

It’s important to keep memories only as photos on your phone! Picking of wildflowers is illegal and can attract a $2,000 fine.

Head to the Australia’s Coral Coast website for more north west wildflower inspiration.

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