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Dipping your toe in the property pond can certainly be overwhelming.

It’s a fast-paced market, and you’ve got to be prepared to make some big decisions – preferably without dodgy advice from distant relatives or sensationalist headlines totally freaking you out.

Ideally, you could have all the information you need in one place: information like property zoning and utility locations, or even an overview of the suburb’s nearby schools, transport or the best eating and drinking. After all, you wouldn’t want to pull the trigger on your brand new forever home or next rental without knowing where to get the closest long mac or natty wine!

The new is here to make house hunting a breeze, with tons of new features to empower you in your property journey. website

Found a fixer-upper and have big plans? Jump onto’s interactive maps to see the property’s Landgate data, zoning, and location of utilities from the get-go – and avoid any sneaky surprises down the line when you want to subdivide or install that dream pool! 

With over 100 years of local knowledge as WA’s peak real estate body, also has all the stats you need to know – whether it’s the median house price for the area, how it compares to surrounding areas, or even what the local rental market looks like. 

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Anyone who’s recently been hunting for a new rental lately will know it’s stressful enough without cowboys across the internet trying to take advantage of anxious tenants. Verified property portals like mean you’ve got all the information at your fingertips – and it won’t be any old dodgy character trying to scam your hard earned dollars.

Representing over 85% of the active agents in the state, is also where you can find an expert to help you sell, or an above-board property manager to make sure you’re looking after both your tenants and your rental property.

Ready to find the perfect property for you? Head to and get closer to your dream home.

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