A place of opportunity: Meet the uni grads thriving in the public sector

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Use your new university degree to work on projects that help Western Australians, get support from talented and experienced colleagues, and enjoy positive work/life balance…

These are just some of the benefits of starting your career with a public sector graduate program.

The ‘public sector’ is all of the government agencies that support the community by delivering services like transport, nature conservation, health and justice.

While we often associate government with the great work of our nurses, doctors, police and teachers, the scope is actually much larger and there are graduate and cadetship programs in heaps of different areas.

From huge infrastructure projects to vital community programs and economy strengthening initiatives, your work is all about helping all West Aussies to live and prosper in healthy, inclusive and vibrant communities.

To go a little deeper into what working in government means, we recently caught up with two former university students now in public sector graduate programs.

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This week we’re meeting Callum Kimberley, a graduate officer employed through the Interagency Data Science Graduate Program, now working at the Department of Communities.

Callum is also a talented basketballer, so we did our best to get the mic high enough so you can hear what he has to say about working in the public sector!

If you’re interested in kickstarting your career with a WA Government graduate or cadetship program visit wa.gov.au/opportunity.

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