Hard Core Lawn: 5 Handy Tips On Keeping Your Grass Greener This Winter

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Winter – the time of year when you can just leave your luscious front lawn to its own devices, nourished by the winter rains and the occasional mow right? WRONG! We’ve teamed up with the lawn stars at Positively Green to give you a few handy pointers to make sure your grass stays greener over the winter months.


Okay even the most useless gardeners among us will know that weeds definitely love lots of water, and during winter when the lawn is a little weaker, weeds love growing all throughout the gaps. After germinating in autumn they’ll start to pop up in winter and that’s when it’s easiest to target them with some weed controller. Positively Green predominantly use pre-emergent weed control products that contain no dangerous chemicals, while their post-emergent herbicide is also very safe and used on most parks and fields in WA.

Positively Green’s winter weeding service will be running across June, July & August. If you get along with your neighbours it actually gets cheaper for every house on the street that books in! Head to their website here to book yours today.

Winter Weeding Spray


Now that it is winter, there is enough water in the profile of your lawn to allow you to turn off your reticulation, as per government mandate, and not worry about your lawn suffering from a lack of water between now and spring. Having too much water in the profile over winter can cause disease and an increased instance of weeds.

Lawn Coring

First step on the to-do list is give your lawn a quick coring i.e. removing plugs of soil from the lawn to help aeration and problems to do with compaction (which can come with those heavy winter rains). Compaction prevents things like oxygen and nutrients penetrating down to the roots of the lawn, and core aeration is a great way to help this out, along with improving water drainage.

Positively Green Lawn Coring


Lawn goes dormant over winter, so there’s not much point in adding any granular fertiliser as the soil temperatures remain low until closer to spring. However, over winter, to keep your lawn healthy and green you can apply monthly liquid fertiliser applications, which can be absorbed through the leaf. These liquid fertilisers also contain essential trace elements such as Iron, Manganese and Magnesium which help strengthen the plant cell wall.

Mowing Schedule

If you’re an uneducated opposite-of-green-thumb like us you may have assumed you’d need to mow your lawn more regularly during winter – incorrect. Lawn actually grows slower in the winter, so you’re better off leaving mowing longer than you would normally, and making sure to raise the height of cut to prevent damage and scalping. This also allows your lawn to take in as much energy through the leaf as possible.

Of course, you can also get someone who knows what they’re doing to help with all this! Head to the Positively Green Website for all your lawn care service needs.

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