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There isn’t a single university on the planet that offers every course imaginable, rather universities specialise in specific fields of study.

In the process it attracts students who have interests and career goals aligning with their offerings, just like Murdoch University.

You might know that Murdoch is the only WA university where you’re able to study to become a vet, but did you know you can also take your true crime obsession into Murdoch’s Bachelor of Criminology, and majors that are the only ones of their kind in the country.

But that’s not all—far from it, in fact. With over 200 courses on offer, Murdoch University groups its offerings into 17 different study areas, providing a wide range of options to help you discover your ideal fit.

So, let’s delve deeper into those study areas:

Agricultural Science

Passionate about animal welfare, plant health and sustainable farming? By doing a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Murdoch University, you can choose to major in Animal Health, Crop and Pasture Science and Animal Science. Courses offer hands-on experience, industry connections and access to cutting-edge research and facilities, including their city-based farm and regional innovation precinct.

Allied Health

If you’re interested in improving people’s physical health and movement, or turning your love of sport into a career, Allied Health at Murdoch offers undergraduate courses in Sport and Exercise Science, Chiropractic and Exercise Physiology. Students can gain hands-on real-world experience in fully operational clinics and go on to excel in various healthcare and elite sports settings.


Murdoch’s Bachelor of Business program covers a wide range of business disciplines and lets you specialise in one or two fields. With nine majors available –including Accounting, Business Law, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Finance, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Human Resources Management, International Business, Management and Marketing—students can tailor their studies to fit their interests and career goals.

Creative Media and Communication

Whether you choose to pursue a Bachelor of Communication, a Bachelor of Creative Media, or a double degree, at Murdoch, you can major in areas like Strategic Communication, Web Communication, Games Art and Design, Global Media, Screen Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Journalism, and Sound. Learn from award-winning academics, gain valuable experience through the on-campus student creative consultancy MESH, and access Murdoch’s state-of-the-art Media Arts Centre to bring your ideas to life.

Murdoch University Courses


Murdoch University’s Criminology courses delve into crime, law enforcement and  the human mind, preparing students for careers in policing, investigative, security, probation, and counselling services. With majors in Crime Science, Criminal Behaviour, Legal Studies, or the exclusive White Collar and Corporate Crimes, students are taught by experienced criminologists who help you understand the science of crime and why people commit crime. Students can also engage in real-life cases through Murdoch’s Cold Case Review initiative, contributing to homicide and missing person investigations.


Interested in becoming a teacher? Murdoch’s School of Education offers courses in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Teaching. Taught by world-class academics, you’ll receive hands-on learning, including innovative SimLab technology, which allows you to simulate real-life teaching situations before your practical placement. Recognised for teaching excellence, Murdoch’s Education courses provide on-the-job training in diverse school settings, ensuring you’re highly employable when you graduate.

Murdoch University Courses

Engineering and Energy

Murdoch’s School of Engineering and Energy offers modern, industry-relevant courses. Specialisations include Electrical and Renewable Energy, Environmental and Sustainability Systems, and Industrial Control and Autonomous Systems. Led by globally renowned academics, students have access to the latest technology and industrial practices in the university’s top-notch facilities.

Environmental and Conservation Sciences

Murdoch’s bush campus, located in a biodiverse hotspot with wetlands and banksia woodlands, is the perfect setting to study a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences. Students can major in areas like Marine Biology, Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Environmental Science and Management and contribute to real-world research projects both on and off campus, including WA’s diverse coastlines and bushlands.

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

If you’re passionate about politics, history, sociology, philosophy and more, a Bachelor of Arts degree at Murdoch University might be the perfect course for you. A Bachelor of Global Security also falls under this field of study and covers topics such Cyberspace, Policy and Security and Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies. Whether you aspire to be a security analyst, international aid worker or historian, you’ll explore your interests while developing analytical skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. You can put these skills to use through internships and placements with community groups, government agencies and private organisations.

Indigenous Knowledges

Murdoch University encourages students of all disciplines to add a minor in Indigenous Knowledges and Practices to their degree. Students are exposed to knowledge generated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and Country, and they’re taught by Aboriginal experts across a range of fields. Graduates who undertake these units will learn about Truth Telling, reconciliation and relationship-building, and learn how to make positive contributions within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Murdoch University Courses

Information Technology

Murdoch’s IT courses are focused on producing the next generation of IT professionals, and they pave the way for exciting careers in computing, artificial intelligence and more. Information Technology at Murdoch has earned a prestigious QS Stars five-star rating, putting it among the top universities globally for learning resources, student support, and teaching quality in Computing and Information Systems. It also offers state-of-the-art facilities, including an IT Innovation Hub and an Esports gaming hub, which are big drawcards for students.


Murdoch’s Law program is taught by top academics who are also practicing lawyers. Their courses offer plenty of practical experience and hands-on training through the on-campus legal clinic and the Mooting Program, which lets students practice advocacy skills in mock trials and negotiating competitions. Murdoch law students can intern at law firms, government agencies, or non-profits to gain real-world experience. There are also opportunities to travel to Geneva during the July break to earn credits and learn about human rights.

Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences

Keen to become a medical researcher, crime scene officer, forensic scientist or genetic engineer? Murdoch’s School of Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences has got you covered. Their comprehensive curriculum includes Biomedical Science, Laboratory Medicine, Forensic Chemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology and more. Students get hands-on experience analysing simulated crime scenes at Whitby Falls Farm, using high-tech laboratories and participating in real-life homicide and missing persons cases through the Cold Case Review initiative.


A Murdoch Bachelor of Nursing degree, which combines the professional person-centred approach of nursing with clinical practices and psychosocial and biological sciences, received a five-star rating in the latest Good Universities Guide 2023/24 – and it’s easy to see why. Students gain practical experience at Murdoch’s modern facilities with the course on offer at both the Mandurah and Perth campuses, which include clinical teaching wards, treatment areas, and simulation suites with lifelike mannequins. They also receive lifetime access to an online portfolio to showcase their skills to future employers, opening up endless job opportunities for graduates.

Murdoch University Courses

Physical Sciences and Mathematics

Murdoch offers two Bachelor of Science degrees in this study area: one specialising in Physical Sciences and the other in Mathematical Science. Both courses provide a combination of theory, problem-solving skills and hands-on experience, preparing students for exciting careers and groundbreaking research in physics, chemistry, mathematics and statistics. Students are taught by highly qualified professors and researchers in cutting-edge laboratories and research facilities. As well as having access to advanced equipment and technologies, students can engage in research projects and internships with industry partners and attend guest lectures and seminars by industry experts.

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Murdoch psychology courses are accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), guaranteeing high-quality education. Ranked number one in WA for psychology skills development (undergraduate) by the Good Universities Guide 2023/2024, Murdoch offers comprehensive undergraduate programs covering clinical, social, developmental and cognitive psychology. Students gain real-world experience and research opportunities through facilities like the Murdoch Psychology Clinic, which prepares them for careers in healthcare, business, community services, research, education and training and more.

Veterinary Science

As the sole provider of Veterinary Science courses in WA since 1979, Murdoch University is responsible for training the next generation of vets and animal specialists. Their integrated Bachelors-Masters degree covers a wide range of topics, such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, surgery and animal welfare, preparing students for registration as vets in Australia and abroad.  With practical placements, research opportunities, and top-notch facilities including a working farm and a 24-hour animal hospital, you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience with pets, exotic animals and farm animals.

Keen to explore your options? Head to the Murdoch University Study Areas page today!

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