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We’ve teamed up with HBF to highlight some of the best things around WA keeping you happy and healthy. Did you know that being an HBF health member gives you access to a range of benefits to help you stay happy and healthy? Learn more HERE.

We know how you’re feeling – somehow, we’re already three months into the year yet it feels like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2020. Life goes fast, and it can be incredibly easy to forget to take a minute and at least try to relax.

According to Health Direct, an online service providing access to trusted, quality health information and advice, there’s plenty we can do day-to-day to help improve our mental health. Things like exercising regularly, eating healthy, socialising with friends and family and relaxing are things we can implement at home.

With that in mind and in the interest of helping you recharge for the rest of the year, we’ve outlined five potential ideas to help you step back for a minute and take some out for you and the family. Read on below, and if you’re looking for more trusted mental health resources, this link is a great start.

Take a walk through nature

Nothing clears the mind and recharges the soul like the simple equation of fresh air + nature. And while Perth and its surrounds are filled with many challenging hiking trails, there are also plenty of kid-friendly options to choose from. From close to town places like Law Walk in Kings Park or the Bold Park Trails in City Beach, to the further out Children’s Forest in Whiteman Park or Glenbrook Trial in John Forrest National Park, a more relaxed day in the great outdoors could be just the ticket. Here’s a few of our faves to choose from.

Photo by D. Blumer via Kings Park & Botanic Garden.

Take an out-of-town tour for the day

Sometimes the answer to getting away from it all is literally just getting away from it all! There are many tour providers offering one-day trips to some of WA’s most interesting and unique landmarks, and if you’re a HBF health member we recommend linking up with ADAMS Pinnacles Tours. HBF health members receive up to a 20% discount when booking with ADAMS, and you can convert that into spending the day exploring places like The Pinnacles, iconic Wave Rock, Gingin for some stargazing and heaps more.

Get amongst the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens 

Did you know we have a botanic garden oasis that’s only 30 minutes north of the CBD? One filled with an incredible array of flower and plant displays, rockeries, waterfalls, bird life and last but not certainly not least, a beautiful 36 hole mini golf course? Wanneroo Botanic Gardens make for a magical day out with the whole family, whether it’s a bit of fun on the golf course or just a relaxing picnic amongst the gardens, exploring the unique and wonderfully-designed surrounds. Even better, HBF health members get discounted tickets to the mini golf!

Immerse yourself in a big new movie

In essence it is indeed replacing one screen for another, but there is a certain magic to retiring into a dark room, turning the phone off and immersing yourself in a fictional world for a couple of hours. Movie-going took a big hit in 2020, but cinemas are back up and running this year with more and more big release movies coming to the silver screen than ever before. Being switched off from your device, even for just a couple of hours, can be a revelatory and incredibly relaxing feeling. Plus, if you’re worried about price, HBF health members get ticket discounts at most of the major cinema chains.

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Spend a night in the great outdoors

Up top we proposed a fun family hike for the family to get some fresh air, but if you’ve got a bit more time up your sleeve why not plan a fam camp trip? There are so many fantastic spots around Perth and WA to go camping, and a night or two away from the stresses of daily life could be just the ticket. Whether it’s by the beach, near a swimming hole, or in a more classic caravan park, some tent time might just do you wonders.

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Cover photo of Wanneroo Botanic Gardens by Shot by Thom.