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We all love spending quality time with our little ones, and it seems even more enjoyable when we get to enjoy nature at the same time! We have created a short list of some of Perth’s best kid-friendly trails so you can get out and explore the beauty that we have in our backyard. 

Law Walk, Kings Park

We all know how big and plentiful the beautiful bushlands of Kings Park are, but have you ever branched out to really explore the hidden trails and promenades? The Law Walk in Kings Park follows the Mt Eliza escarpment from the  Karri Pavilion in Kings Park for just over 3km in a loop.  Adventure along the Lotterywest  Federation Walkway (pictured below), explore wildflowers and learn a little about the history of Kings Park with plaques along your walk. Of course, after your family hike, Kings Park is the perfect place to enjoy a picnic, or a game of cricket in the vast open lawn areas.

Photo by @sweetannanicole

Whistlepipe Gully, Forrestfield.

A day on the trails with the kids just wouldn’t be complete without enchanted woodlands and ruins!  Heading to Whistlepipe Gully is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to be swept away in fairytale play, as you meander this 3.5km loop along the gully.  With beautiful wooden bridges crossing the flowing water, and magical views over the city skyline, there is never ending exploration on this easy to navigate, and ever-flowing adventure! We recommend parking at the end of Lewis Road, Forrestfield for the best spot to begin this trail and gumboots are highly recommended!

Photo by @mikey_perth

Check out everything you need to know about Whistlepipe Gully here!

Glenbrook Trail, John Forrest National Park

A fun adventure for the little explorers, the Glenbrook Trail in John Forrest National Park highlights some amazing bushland and bridges.  It is the perfect distance for the smaller kids, at a smidge over 2km, this loop also provides granite boulders to climb, ducks to spot on the dam, and fairy villages from the early 1900’s to explore.  Finish the hike with a picnic and a play at the Chevron Nature Play right by the river.  Heading there in winter? Pack the wellies, because there is bound to be a puddle or two to jump in.

Photo by @naturemondays

Read our guide to John Forrest National Park here!

Children’s Forest, Whiteman Park

Whiteman Park is another one of those must see places, but with so much distance to cover, and so much to do, it’s easy to forget something! We suggest not missing the children’s forest! Situated about 200m from Whiteman Village and 50m from Mussel Pool, the forest itself is a perfect opportunity for kids to learn about the importance and beauty of WA’s native bushland, and with winding trails taking you through different zones, you will find cool little games and activities, as well as amazing statues, artwork, and fun interactive exploration. This choose your own adventure trail can be as short as 300m long, up to a few kilometres if you want to really get the best out of it!

Photo by @whitemanpark

Bibbulmun Track from the Camel Farm to Hewett’s Hill Campsite, Paulls Valley.

Now, you might be wondering how WA’s longest trail at over 1000km can possible be kid friendly? Well, with such fantastic signage, and well maintained trails, you can choose a section to suit your family, and enjoy a bite sized chunk of our most iconic hiking trail.  Our top pick is the small section from the Calamunnda Camel Farm to Hewett’s Hill Campsite.  It is a 5km return trail, and also gives you the opportunity to enjoy an overnight adventure, where you can sleep in the first hut along the track.  There are toilets, and a campfire set up available to really immerse yourself in the adventure. Make sure you spend some time visiting the local camels at the start or end of this hike for the full experience.

Photo by @calamunndacamelfarm

Rocky Pool, Piesse Brook

Through the winter and spring months, after a little bit of rain, the Piesse Brook is one of the most magnificent places to walk around Perth. The water provides the most magical soundtrack as you follow Schipp Road for a 3km return hike to the iconic Rocky Pool return.  We suggest starting at the end of Schipp road, and following the old 4×4 trail until you reach Rocky Pool,  Then, enjoy a picnic while the kids explore before returning along the same trail. This one is easy for the adults to enjoy too, as you walk along the interpretive trail, which will give you insights into the local flora and fauna of the area.

Rocky Pool by @soups_tony

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Cover photo of the Lotterywest  Federation Walkway in Kings Park by D. Blumer via the Botanic Gardens & Park Authority