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We love to spend time on the long open road exploring our beautiful state…

But with more than 25,000 road crashes every year in WA, we want to know that not only will we get home safely, but we’re equipped to help others if the worst case scenario occurs.

Thanks to a new and free course from St John WA, it only takes 15 minutes to learn the skills that could save someone’s life following a crash.

(And we know we aren’t the only ones who could spare 15 minutes from our mindless doom scrolling…)

15 percent of fatalities on WA roads could be prevented by applying basic first aid knowledge – and while it won’t replace a full first aid accreditation, First Aid for Drivers has been specifically designed to give road users vital information and skills to significantly reduce the number of crash fatalities.

It’s also 100% online, so you don’t even need to get off the couch to learn those lifesaving skills!

A joint initiative between St John WA and the Road Safety Commission, the Anyone Can Save a Life campaign, was inspired by the real-life story of Perth locals Nicole Tolhurst and Rod Baltovich.

Nicole was in a devastating head-on crash in 2007 at the age of just 24, and her life was saved by bystander Rod Baltovich – who had luckily just undertaken a first aid course.

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On average, it takes just four minutes for a blocked airway to become fatal. Unconscious, slumped over the steering wheel and turning blue, Rod’s quick actions to tilt her head and clear her airway meant that Nicole’s life was saved. 

“What do you say to a person who saved your life?” Nicole said. “Thank you is not enough”.

Truly anyone can save a life with a little bit of knowledge – head to the St John WA website and take the course today.

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