Experience a transformative ritual for two at this holistic West Leedy wellness clinic

SURSKIN West Leederville
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As we get caught up in the silly season whirlwind, self-care can easily get pushed aside and before we know it, stress and overwhelm start to take over.

That’s where the team at SURSKIN steps in – they’re here to assist in restoring that balance, helping you rediscover yourself amid the chaos.

Located in West Leederville, SURSKIN is no ordinary skincare and aesthetics clinic. They go above and beyond conventional beauty treatments, offering a wide range of transformative services from holistic facials, skin boosters, and dermal energy therapies to injectables and body treatments like lymphatic drainage massage.

Their thoughtfully-curated selection of services is aimed at indulging not only your skin, face, and body but also your inner wellbeing.

SURSKIN West Leederville

In a recent move, they’ve changed their name from SurFACEskin to underscore their commitment to a holistic approach to skin and wellness that goes beyond surface-level care.

Clients are welcomed into a warm and inviting space where they can openly discuss their skin concerns and goals with skilled dermal therapists. This approach dives into both internal and external factors, providing a platform for clients to express their concerns and rebuild self-confidence from the inside out.

Following this chat, the team designs a personalised Skin Design, tailoring treatments to individual needs and budgets, along with suggestions for home care products to maintain skin health between visits.

If all this is sounding pretty magical to you – they have an enticing new offer with their Wellness Ritual for Two.

It’s a chance to step away from the hectic pace of the silly season and rejuvenate your body and soul, a well-deserved self-care moment to share with someone dear to you. The package includes a soothing one-hour private sauna session, where you can let your muscles unwind and find peace-of-mind as you sweat your worries away.

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SURSKIN West Leederville

This is followed by a flash cold plunge or shower and then an invigorating one-hour-and-10-minute Crystal Energy Facial Experience, a holistic dermal therapy session that will leave your skin radiant and your spirits lifted.

Priced at just $429.25 for two, it’s not only a fantastic way to bond with someone special, but also the perfect escape from the chaos of everyday life, which we all know can get a bit much this time of year.

For more information on Surskin’s holistic rituals and approach, visit surskin.com.au.

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