We love a job done well: How the CTF is funding training and building skills in WA

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It’s fair to say Western Australia’s construction industry has faced some serious challenges in recent years – a combination of factors including high demand, labour shortages, supply issues and more.

Indeed, it’s a critical time for a critical industry, and one key component to improving the situation is the Construction Training Fund (CTF), and the funding it provides to many components of the sector including employers, workers, and perhaps most importantly with regards to the future – apprentices and trainees.

As the construction industry only becomes more important, it also means opportunity is more plentiful than ever when it comes to careers in construction.

What is the Construction Training Fund?

The CTF administers a levy applied to construction works valued at more than $20,000, calculated at 0.2% of the total value of the construction and paid prior to a construction commencing.

The levy collected is returned to employers and employees in different ways:

How can it help employers?

As it stands, small-to-medium construction business owners and administrators are – to put it lightly – under the pump, incredibly time poor and doing their best to overcome the myriad issues created by COVID-19, government stimulus packages,  labour and supply shortages.

The CTF provides an opportunity for employers to access financial support to help alleviate some of these problems including offsetting the cost of employing and training apprentices and trainees, in turn meeting demand and keeping the workforce highly skilled and relevant.

Whether a sole trader, small business owner or a large organisation, employers may be eligible for grant funding, and are encouraged to find out what exactly they’re eligible for via the CTF website.

Construction Training Fund

And how can it help those looking into a career in construction?

In the 2023-24 financial year, the CTF has a special Apprentice Completion Grant (ACG) for construction apprentices or trainees on track to complete their qualifications by June 30 next year, in the form of a one-off $2000 payment.

There is also an additional rebate of up to $500 for eligible  apprentices to purchase tools and other work safety-related equipment, Along with an opportunity to get amongst the Upskilling and Short Course Funding grants.

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This is to make sure construction apprentices are even better prepared to further their career beyond finishing their apprenticeship.

To find out more about the funding available to you or more information about potential careers in construction, head to the CTF website today.

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