A 13-day retro cinema pop-up is coming to the CBD showing old sci-fi, horror and cult classics

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In case you missed the news, boundary-pushing inner city festival, Strange Festival, is returning in 2023 after launching last year, and we’re starting to get a drip feed of events happening over a couple of weeks next month.

One of those early announcements that has us clutching for the popcorn is the inaugural season of EXHUMED – a pop-up revival cinema screening cult classics exclusively on 35mm and 16mm film!

A Clockwork Orange

Fittingly, it’s taking over Perth’s original 1950s arthouse cinema, The Liberty Theatre, which was revived late last year as a live music pop-up.

Now its returning to its film roots for a 13-day retro-futuristic cinema experience from June 20-July 2, with the old projectors at the Liberty on Barrack Street will be firing up for the first time since 1997.

“This marks a true renaissance for the Liberty,” said Strange Festival Curator/Creator Jess Oakley. “We are delighted to present a remarkable collection of films that have defied convention, sparked conversation, inspired trends, and shaped the cinematic landscape.”

Natural Born Killers

The program features 40 films screening nightly along with day sessions on Wednesdays, including many super rare film prints across an eclectic range of genres including horror, sci-fi, comedy, anime, action, adventure and loads more!

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One of the many highlights is A Night of Ozploitation, where viewers will be joined by Director Mark Hartley and producer Antony I Ginnane for screenings of Harley’s documentary Not Quite Hollywood and ozploitation classics Harlequin and Dead End Drive-In.

From there is a special array of iconic cinema and cult classics like Starship Troopers, A Clockwork Orange, The Fifth Element, Heavy Metal, Akira, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Princess Bride, Gremlins, Robocop, Mad Max 2 and of course, Pulp Fiction.

Children, concession, and adult tickets range from $13.30 to $21.45 (including BF), with Q&A/event tickets priced at $41.85.

Visit strangefestival.com.au to check the program and book yours today.

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