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Cover Photo: Our model pup Sushi with a Containers For Change Collection Bag.

Minimising waste going into landfill and making some extra cash while we’re at it? We can’t think of a better combo! 2022 saw us dipping our toes into the Containers for Change revolution, but 2023 is the year we dive into everything and anything recycling. With that in mind, we’ve put together a handy-dandy rundown on how you can avoid feeding the fill – while feeding your wallet instead!

What Can I Return Through Containers For Change? 

The first rule of returning is figuring out what is accepted! The good news is that it’s super simple to figure out what you can take to Containers for Change – just look for the 10¢ mark on the bottle, carton or can. Most aluminium, glass, plastic and carton containers that are 150mL to 3L in size will have them – just make sure you’ve removed any lids.

If in doubt, you can always head to the Containers for Change online container eligibility checker: just type in your container’s barcode and it will tell you whether or not it’s accepted by Containers for Change. Easy peasy!

Where Can I Return My 10¢ Containers (And How Does It Work?)

With over 260 refund points around WA, there’s practically one around every corner! Refund points can include depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines and even pop-up collection points – and each are easy as pie. 

Bag drops:
If you’re near a bag drop, you can simply sign up online for a member number, chuck your 10¢ containers in a bag (preferably reusable!), seal it up securely with your member number and name attached and drop it at the designated location – your bag will be picked up, counted, and refund processed using your member number payment details. 

Reverse vending machines:
Reverse vending machines are just as easy – and you’ll get your refund, either transferred via member number or with a retail voucher you can use on your next shopping trip. A nifty machine will scan your 10¢ containers’ barcodes, so this refund point is best suited to your un-crushed 10¢ containers. 

You can also drop into one of the many depots! These larger facilities are staffed, so if you’re feeling a bit nervous (don’t worry, everyone is for their first time), they can help you navigate the process – but take it from us, you’ll do great. Depending on the depot, containers are counted by either machines or people… Some even have drive-through options!

Containers For Change

What Else Do I Need To Know?

As mentioned, while you’re collecting your 10¢ containers make sure to remove the lids. Don’t chuck out the lids though! They can still be returned with your 10¢ containers, they just have to be processed separately.

While we’re stoked for any opportunity to make some extra cash, you can also show your altruistic side and donate your earnings to a local charity, school or community group – there’s even a directory of good causes already registered with Containers for Change. You can even get together with your mates, family or co-workers to pool your containers for a good cause!

To find out more about how and where to exchange your containers, head to the Containers for Change website.

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