A Major Light Installation Will Beam Up From Cott Groyne As Part Of Sculpture By The Sea

Takeshi Tanabe, Sculpture By The Sea
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And just like that we’re already in February of 2023, which along with life continuing to fly by at the speed of light, means we’re only a month away from this year’s Sculpture by the Sea.

Once again taking over Cottesloe beach and surrounds from March 3-20, this year’s event will feature works from over 70 artists, including esteemed Japanese artist Takeshi Tanabe.

And today it was revealed he will be creating a major installation situated on the end of Cottesloe groyne, a penetrating light artwork that will shine 2km directly up into the sky.

Takeshi Tanabe, Sculpture By The Sea

‘Between Sky and Earth (Exchanging Messages)’ will add a new element to the exhibition, inviting visitors to visit after the sun goes down as all lights on the south beach, parkland and groyne will be switched for 30 seconds at 7.45pm, 8.15pm and 8.45pm.

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The light sculpture will also be turned off, allowing visitors to watch the speed of light into sky as the artwork travels 2km vertically upwards, before remaining on until 11pm each night.

“It is a great honour to be able to create this work for Cottesloe,” said Tanabe. “I want to create a monument to mankind’s desire to convey a message from the earth to the universe, and an expression of our own questioning of the future of mankind. I hope that the viewer who gazes at the night sky with this work will have an opportunity to question the nature of our existence on the earth.”

One of Japan’s most celebrated artists, Takeshi Tanabe has exhibited in exhibitions around the world, and his signature granite sculptures have featured at Sculptures previously.

Sculpture by the Sea kicks off March 3, head to the website for more info.

Image Credit: Supplied.