Don’t feed the fill: It’s now easier than ever to return your 10¢ containers!

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It’s the beginning of 2024, we’re feeling fresh, ready to embark on a New Year and we’ve got the environment front of mind.

While we’re minimising our single-use products as much as we can, we have to admit that we cannot resist an ice cold beveragino straight outta the fridge – whether it’s a cheeky softie or an even cheekier beer on a warm afternoon.

After being introduced in 2020, Containers for Change has gathered some serious steam in recent years, and in 2024 it’s become easier than ever to dispose of your 10¢ cans, bottles and cartons while making a little cash at the same time.

There are hundreds of refund points across WA, which means there is definitely one near you, and you can quickly and easily send your 10¢ containers through for recycling.

You can also find new Self-serve Kiosks at a number of shopping centres, and keep your eyes peeled for Container Exchange Points – special baskets/cradles attached to general waste bins that’ll keep your 10¢ out of landfill!

If you’ve returned your 10¢ containers at a refund point, money is transferred via bank transfer, cash, or PayPal, or you can donate it to a Containers for Change registered charity or community group, elevating your good samaritan work to super samaritan.

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So, what happens to all those 10¢ containers once they’ve been collected? After being sorted and distributed to approved recyclers, they’ll be given a new life as products that we use every day, like new containers.

Every 10¢ container has the potential to live another life, again and again and again!

To find out more about how and where to exchange your containers, head to the Containers for Change website.

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