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If you’re trying to decide on a new study path, it can definitely feel like you’re choosing between pursuing creativity or practicality – as if this is the big fork in the road between starving artist or unfeeling analyst. 

While it may feel that way, the reality really isn’t quite so clear-cut – especially when pursuing a degree that harnesses your creativity into practical, real-world applications. 

ECU graduate Aryana Eraman (pictured below) was in the same boat, wanting to pursue design in a way that was practical, valuable and meaningful – and during one of her Bachelor of Design units she was introduced to User Experience (UX) Design.

ECU Bachelor of Design

Balancing creativity with a huge focus on technical skills, research, psychology and solving complex design problems, Aryana was a natural – and after killing it at her coursework, her tutor encouraged her to apply for ECU’s IBM Internship program.

The collaborative internship allows Bachelor of Design students (as well as Arts, Computer Science, IT and Commerce students) to not only “earn as they learn”, but to hone in on their practical skills and creative thinking with real-world clients – and hopefully gain a job at the end of it, like Aryana’s full-time position as a UX/UI Designer and Business Analyst at IBM!

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Ready to harness your creative thinking?

Check out the ECU website for course information and how to apply.

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