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Whether you’re a school leaver or heading back to study as a mature age student, there’s one thing we’ve all got in common: we want to know there’s a job waiting for us once we graduate. 

While there’s no guarantees in life, you can certainly get things working in your favour by choosing a university with a great track record – not only of alumni success, but glowing reviews from students themselves of their undergraduate experiences.

ECU Careers

Well, the proof is in the pudding: students rate ECU as Australia’s top public university!

The Student Experience Survey connects with hundreds of thousands of students across universities all over Australia, and ECU managed to come out on top for their undergraduate overall experience, skills development, learning resources and teaching quality (for the 7th year running)!

Results like these rank ECU in the top 2% of universities across not just Australia, but the whole world.

So how does ECU manage to rank so highly? As well as flexible study options that fit in with your busy life (find out more in our recent article), courses are developed with the help of industry leaders, balancing classroom theory with real-world experience and practical learning.

To find out more about how ECU can help you launch your career, head to ECUWORLDREADY.COM.AU.

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