School Leaver Looking To Study? Here’s What It’s Like To Study At ECU

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About to wrap up year 12 and have no idea what to do next? Take it from a few cheugy millennials like us, it can be pretty stressful trying to decide which path to take… Are you going to uni? And if you’ve decided that uni is for you, how exactly do you decide where to go?!

It’s important you find somewhere that’s right for you – whether that means cutting-edge curriculum or plenty of friendly faces…or both!

To get a taste of what it’s like to be enrolled at ECU, three of the university’s students have given a sneak peek into a day in their life:

Soumi’s high-tech cyber security studies are only one part of the equation – as a School of Science Ambassador Soumi is able to encourage more women to get involved in STEM. She spends her time volunteering to run workshops about coding for high school girls and explaining cyber safety to kids.

Nursing and midwifery student Brodie loves to start her morning with a smoothie from the campus’ café before getting valuable experience in a simulated hospital environment – getting her ready to hit the ground running when she graduates.

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If you want to get outdoors, check out health science student Liam’s time exploring the campus wetlands. As part of one of his majors, he’s able to spend plenty of time getting out and enjoying nature – as well as enjoying a few meals in the sunshine with uni mates, too! Practical placements during his course has meant he’s already got a job lined up before graduating, too.

Sure, ECU is in the top 2.5% of unis in the world, with some stellar ratings for their teaching staff… But it’s also been rated by students as Australia’s number one public university for undergraduate overall experience.

To check out more student stories head HERE, and to apply now and become World Ready head to ECUWORLDREADY.COM.AU.

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