Mining giant commits to avoidance area around Dwellingup “four times the size of Rottnest”

Dwelingup Lane Poole Reserve
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One of the world’s biggest bauxite mining companies and a fixture of Western Australia’s south west region since 1963, Alcoa yesterday committed to a 8,344 hectare mining avoidance area around Dwellingup.

New WA Premier Roger Cook announced the news yesterday, citing the importance of preserving Dwellingup’s environmental, lifestyle, ecotourism and recreation values.

“I welcome Alcoa’s announcement that it has committed to not mine within an area of more than 8,300 hectares around Dwellingup, ” said Mr Cook.

“The announcement reflects the value of Dwellingup’s incredible landscapes, including the magnificent jarrah and marri forest, to the local community, its expanding ecotourism industry and the State.”

According to the statement, its an area over four times the size of Rottnest and will help to protect 5,000 hectares of forest along with over 30 kilometres of the Bibbulmun track and Munda Biddi cycle trail.

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“This is an historic day for Dwellingup, with Alcoa’s announcement delivering certainty for the local community,” said Murray-Wellington MLA Robyn Clare.

“This is one of the most beautiful parts of our State, and the people and businesses in Dwellingup now know that their home will be protected for generations to come.”

Alcoa holds a bauxite mine lease until 2045 in Western Australia, including land around Dwellingup, the company stating any future projects will be to the east of Dwellingup, subject to environmental review and approval.

Its Huntly Bauxite Mine was established in 1976, supplying ore to Alcoa alumina refineries in Pinjarra and Kwinana.

Image Credit: Shire of Murray/Chad Gerber