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Concerned About Car Pollution? Check Your Air Quality With This Australian-First Interactive Map

byPerth Is OK Staff
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We’re lucky here in WA, with some wide open skies and plenty of beautiful, untamed nature… But that doesn’t mean the air quality is quite so pristine.

If you’re anything like us, you would have assumed WA had some pretty amazing air quality, but that’s not always the case. Shockingly, it’s estimated that over 3,200 Australian deaths were attributed to air pollution in 2018 – a 26% increase from 2015.

With emissions from transport getting worse each year, RAC is on a mission to lower vehicle emissions – and they’re launching a huge network of 200 air health monitor sensors around the metro area to really get a handle on just how clean our air is.

With over 100 already installed, the sensors combine with other sources, using cutting-edge technology to highlight pollution levels in Perth.

All this data will not only empower you to track your own air quality and make environmentally-friendly transport choices, but help in RAC’s efforts to encourage cleaner, greener transportation in WA.

To check the air health of your neighbourhood, visit the RAC Air Health Monitor website.

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