UWA’s New Program Provides Entry Based On Education, Work And Life Experience

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There’s a whole range of reasons why you may not have an ATAR for entry into the uni course of your dreams – whether you decided not to do ATAR, you didn’t quite get the score you were hoping for, or even if you’re wanting to study a little later in life.

There are still plenty of options!

A brand new entry program at UWA continues the university’s commitment to providing education for all, assessing applications not just on ATAR score, but also work experience, community engagement, volunteering, TAFE or VET qualifications and heaps of other factors to help you secure your place at uni. 

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This means that any bright and passionate students with diverse life and educational experiences will be able to study one of UWA’s world-class undergraduate bachelor’s degrees, including:

  • Bachelor of Arts,
  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science, 
  • Bachelor of Business, 
  • Bachelor of Commerce, 
  • Bachelor of Environmental Design, and
  • Bachelor of Science.

Once you’re in, you won’t be left to your own devices – you’ll have access to the university’s broad range of support services, whether you need some extra help with your physical health, mental wellbeing, career advice or some extra academic support.

Head to The University of Western Australia’s website to find out more about experience-based entry and your pathway to uni!

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