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Over the past year, the cost-of-living crisis only continues to worsen with prices going up and inflation at levels not seen since the early ‘90s*.

Like everywhere, it’s hitting West Aussies hard, with many experiencing poverty for the first time and struggling to even keep a roof over their heads.

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a position to help and need a place to start, one effective way is through this year’s ABC WA Gives campaign, partnering with Vinnies WA to Gift a Hand-Up to those doing it tough.

Funds raised here provide a vital boost to the amount of emergency assistance and support Vinnies WA can provide for those struggling to make ends meet when it comes to things many of us take for granted, like food and utilities.

Vinnies WA ABC Gives

The Gift a Hand-Up campaign helps to provide essential items like food, clothing, hygiene items, medicine and more for those most in need.

And providing this type of support during more stressful times like the Christmas season can make an incredible difference to many people all over Western Australia.

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For As little as $50 you can provide meals to a person for three days, while $150 can support a family with food for a whole week.

If you’d like to learn more and help vulnerable members of your own community, head to the Gift a Hand-Up website today.

*Source ABS

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