The City Of Kalamunda Is Considering Closing Zig Zag Drive To Vehicles Permanently

byTroy Mutton
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Header photo by the talented Steve Bentley.

The Perth hills and larger Kalamunda have been a popular day-trip destination for city folk for decades now.

Filled with a variety of nature-fuelled activities only a short drive from the city, it’s popularity has increased exponentially in recent times with the rise of Instagram, and a desire to get out and experience nature on the weekends amongst younger crew (read our in-depth guide HERE).

What it’s also meant is some areas becoming very, very crowded on the weekends, and unfortunately an increase in anti-social behaviour in some parts.

One such area is Gooseberry Hill’s iconic Zig Zag Scenic Drive, a one-way road down the western edge of the Darling Range.

Offering incredible views of the city and Swan Coastal Plain, people flock to it on the weekends to nab some spectacular photos, or go for a nice bushwalk.

Sadly – and despite efforts to remedy the situation in 2014 with parking improvements – hooning and damage to natural environment remain an issue today.

Following a six-month closure of the drive, The City Of Kalamunda is now considering a permanent decision regarding motor vehicle access, and they’re looking to consult with the community on the topic.

Up until September 7, 2020 you can make a community submission via the City Of Kalamunda WEBSITE, on whether you think the drive should be walk/ride access only.