How West Aussies playing Lotto is helping to protect priority Kimberley wetlands

Lotterywest Grants Kimberley wetlands
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While plenty of West Aussies have hit the Lotto jackpot, Lotterywest’s impact on the broader Western Australian community is where you’ll find the real winners.

Whenever you play a Lotterywest game, you’re contributing to good things happening across the state to the tune of $351.5 million last financial year alone!

Over the next few months, we’re going to be shining a light on where some of that money has gone so far, starting with a look at the $557,564 that’s supporting Aboriginal Ranger groups, elders, and ecologists and environmental scientists, to better document, protect and manage priority Kimberley wetlands.

Lotterywest Grants Kimberley wetlands

It’s part of Environs Kimberley’s on-going Kimberley Nature Project, collaborating with Aboriginal Rangers to look after country in the Kimberley, with the grant going towards helping each ranger group build capacity to connect with, and care for, their natural heritage.

One example is the Yawuru Country Managers based in Rubibi (Broome), who are the Traditional Owners of the lands and waters all around Rubibi, from Bangarangara to the yalimban (south) to Wirrjinmirr (Willie Creek) to the guniyan (north), and banu (east) covering Roebuck Plains and Thangoo pastoral leases.

The project tackles five key areas including wetland management documentation and planning; management of 14 wetland sites with four Ranger groups; increased ecological knowledge of the wetlands; consolidation/development of the “Wetland Monitoring and Management Toolkit”; and increased regional collaboration and education.

Lotterywest Grants Kimberley wetlands

In addition to this vital project, Lotterywest has also supported Broome’s Nyamba Buru Yawuru Wellness centre, an Australian-first initiative providing a place of cultural renewal and healing through building community cohesion, promoting culture and addressing social needs.

The Kimberley is an incredibly precious region of the world, and a big part of ensuring its future is continuing to strengthen the connection between country and its traditional owners, making the Lotterywest grants (and your lotto tickets) all that more important!

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